Fixing potentially corrupt SD card partition


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May 28, 2003
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On my class16 32GB SDHC card from ED's shop, I have an ext3 partition, on which I keep most of my pandora files (not pnds).

I also have a FAT32 partition which I use to transfer files. This is because I use a different UID on my Linux box (endless chmod -R 777 'ing was getting tedious) , and windows doesn't play well with non fat filesystems.

I do not have any important data on the fat partition.

Every time my pandora boots, or I access it using 'SD mass storage' it ends up read-only. I'm guessing something spotted a problem, and is trying to prevent (further) data loss.

What would be the best way to fix this? Are there nice tools for un-messing-up filesystems available? How should I stop this happening again (apart from the obvious umount before eject).

I could probably find out on teh interwebs, But I reckon there's a higher density of people doing strange things with SD cards here.
testdisk is pretty amazing. It can recover most SD card partitions or at least the data from them.
Funny enough I had a problem with an "old" Firefox version today that needed to be removed (supposedly corrupt), but couldn't. I downloaded a program for Windows called "Unlocker" - which is supposed to help with locked files, corruption etc. etc. It had rave reviews and is free. Unfortunately it didn't resolve my issue and i had to go into Command Prompt and use

chkdsk [volume:][[Path] FileName] [/f]
But I had to turn off Explorer.Exe in Task Manager first then reload it afterwards. Worked like a charm and it supposedly fixed other errors on the card too.

I don't know if this is of any use to you thou as I don;t have partitions on my card.
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