flight sims in castaway (GUNSHIP)


Jan 26, 2004
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Castaway is a wonderful emulator no doubt. Apart from the sound problems there is one other thing that puzzles me. I like to play gunship on my gp32 so I made a few CUSTOM cnf files to have all the keyboard functions to play this excellent flight sim. However the keyboard input seems unresponsive at times. The keys seem to have some sort of repeat function. So when tap e.g. 1 on the virtual keyboard the key is pressed repeatedly. This is very annoying because it makes some games hard to play because the input is unreliable.

Does anyone has the same problem??? sollutions ???

Thanks ....
Looks like you are after one of these 2 commands,

vkeyrepeat - The amount of time you need to hold down the GP32 B button in the virtual keyboard before it fires off another key press. A low value may cause you to push the same butotn many times by accident. A high value will make this not happen, but some games need you to hold down a key to increase throttle (like in a flight sim, for example). Default: 400

vkeyduration - The amount of time Castaway/GP holds a key down for you, when you've pressed a emulated key. For example, when you push "B" on the GP32 while the virtual keyboard cursor is over "1", you'll send a "1" into the Atari ST's keyboard buffer. The key will be released a moment later, after this duration has gone by. Some games require a the key to be released a moment after its pressed and not immediately. The default value is probably perfect for everyone. Default: 200


vkeyrepeat 800 will slow down the repeat on the keys.

Taken from the castaway user guide.
This sounds great... I found the user guide and will try to write a config file... Will post the findings later...

It would be good to have a webpage for castaway custom configs, I found one for Sentinel which is brilliant- be good to share home made ones.....

If you get anywhere with the gunship config, I'd love to take a gander
Just wrote a small config file as suggested. It seems to work great ! I have only played the game for 5 minutes but the keys seem to respond just fine

vkeyrepeat was set to 800.

That makes four config files for this games but it is getting better and better. When things are optimal I will post my results here....

Thank you very much for the excellent support.