For sale on eBay! -External WiFi Pandora with dongle + Case + 2x16gb card for sale


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Sep 30, 2011
I'm looking to sell my Pandora, it was one of the ones sold before Xmas that had a faulty WiFi chip, it comes with the tiny WiFi dongle that works brilliantly actually.

It's been used a little, mostly GBA and snes emulation and general web surfing, nothing strenuous and is in perfect working order. It's a lovely little thing...but every little counts when it comes to saving and the luxuries have to go first.

It will come with:

DS phat semi hard case (fits snug with enough space for a few extra SD cards)

2x16gb SD cards + 1x4gb SD card

DS extendable stylus (no stylus came in the box with my pandora) but it fits perfectly into the Pandora.

No charger as the one that came with my Pandora blew within a few days, but I'll throw in the USB lead I've been using, which seems to charge just as fast.

AND I'll chuck in the 8gb USB stick I've been using to transfer stuff over.

I'm looking for £300(i don't mind sorting the p&p as long as your not too far away) which I think is a fair price, but open to reasonable offer, PM me if you're interested. Come on, help me buy a house! :D
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No takers? I'll drop the price to £260, which is a bargain if you still waiting or deciding to get a Pandora.
Had a few people interested but no deffinate takers yet.

Gonna drop the price a little to £250 to see if it will persuade any of you. But if no ones decided by Saturday I'll plop it on eBay for you all to bid on.

If it's on ebay then can you put the auction link up please, unless it has already been sold.
Sorry, not on eBay yet. I did have someone buying it but they've pulled out by the looks of things. This is still up for grabs if anyone is still interested.

I'll give it a few days and then put it on eBay and post the link.
£190 at the moment for one lucky bidder, still a day and a bit left to give it a go, anything near that is a bargain.
You could have just put it at around three days from the go? :p

I predict there will be an explosion with the price during the last hour. Or maybe not.

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