For Sale/trade: Ibook G4 12"


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May 31, 2004
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Book G4 800mhz up for grabs. Full tech spec below. Id prefer to trade this for an AV amp, but will listen to offers around the £300. This baby is fully boxed with all original install/system restore CD's. The screen is immaculate, no dead pixels, and the laptop itself is in great condition, although there are a few light marks on the outer surface due to everyday use. Battery is holding the same charge as when I bought it (e.g. excellent). If anyones interested, I could throw in a Might Mouse, also boxed with drivers etc, for a little extra to any buyer.

Full spec:
12.1 Screen
G4 800mhz
256mb ram, Upgradeable to 640 mb (althoguh TBH, ive never had a probelm with 256)
Airport card Installed
Radon 7200 32mb graphics card
30gb HDD
Running latest Tiger OSX (10.4)
Office, Toast, and a load of other programs pre-installed

I think thats about it. As usual, anyone got any questions let me know.

Location: Derbyshire
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How about a trade with a a xbox360?

I could do cash in about two weeks time if you are willing to wait
Nope sorry, not really after a 360 atm. I cant promise ill hold it, as I do kinda need the money atm, but if its still available in a few weeks ill drop you a PM.

In the meantime, for anyone else interested, heres a few pics:

Anymore just ask.
I'm getting some money next week tuesday :D can you hold out that long :p

Also could you send me a high res photo with a coke can or similar size reference next to it