Formatting Sd Cards Without An Sd Reader?


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Mar 25, 2005
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hi, having trouble formatting sd cards. one of my sd cards is corrupted and needs a reformat, but there is no way in winxp to do it, format says it's not formattable, and there's no options on the gp2x i can find.

anyone able to help?
nice one, mkdosfs started to format :) cheers!

I have a warning about cheep SD cards on Ebay. I got my 2gb Sandisk card and everything worked until i tried to format it to fat32. I couldn¨t do that i just got an error saying it got a I/O error.

I got in touch with Sandisk support and got a mail after a few days saying that the card wasnt made by them. So i did some searching on google and found that there is a lot of very cheap fake SD cards that is reprogramed to look bigger then they really are.

So dont try to get the cheapest card you can find on Ebay. I couldnt tell the difference between a real and a fake card. And mine came with the "orginial" box and everything.
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My friend was very pissed off when he realised his 1GB USB Flash disk that he got for £5 in China was actually only 16MB. :p
No, magnets don't erase data on an SD card (trust me), and any magnet you would have in your home couldn't destroy data on a hard drive, only the industrial degausers found in university and law enforcment settings will... (hard drives have huge magnets IN them for christs sake)...

But yeah, i bought a 2gb sandisk off of ebay, for $112 shipped (how much i originally paid for my 1gb MS Duo) and it's perfect as advertised... do you guys actually research the seller before buying?