Freecnc Port


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Aug 23, 2006
Twas browsing around the web for potential 2X ports and I found this. Free CNC
Its practically an opensource version of the original command and conquer engine, which can run cnc and red alert. Though probabaly its another too good to be true, I'm not sure if the 2X processing power could handle it. Well you can enlighten me. Here are all the source files and other bits and bobs: Source Code
Old idea... has been discussed lots of times on the board. Please use the search next time. I am not quite sure if this would be doable, maybe someone who has had a look at the source-code could answer that question. I do remember there was some reason why it's not been ported yet though.
Well I'll wait for more info then, by the way I always search before posting and its quite difficult to do a search and narrow it down to the post that your looking for.
@Alex: C&C is a very fun game indeed. You should immediately try it out. You will notice a lot of differences to warcraft and similar games. It's just so much more fast paced.
The most difficult about this genre are the controls i guess. C&C was played with a mouse and playing with joystick is quite difficult. Try the playstation version first if you don't agree.

If it would be ported anyways eighter the speed would have to be reduced or the computer ai would have to act slower to offset the more difficult controls than on pc version.

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The problem with FreeCNC is that the project died for a while. It was revived but its still iffy whether they will finish the project or not. I would love to be able to play this again with some updates. I still have my original CD's for C&C and Red Alert. They are two of my favorite games ever.