General News on Pyra: Best applications/games etc


May 18, 2023

Long time lurker.

I realise I have been following this project huge chunk of my life!

I remember first hearing about the Pandora all them years ago to finally getting my hands on one.

I had contemplated getting a Pyra but the price was just too high for me. However I checked back on the shop and the price for the standard one is 330 euros?
Is that still the case?

Has the Pyra been much of a success?

What are the best apps/Games and emulators on Pyra?
No. I think 330 € is the preorder price. You pay this now and when your turn comes you pay some 300 or 400 € more for the Pyra. But it was correctly explained in the shop last time I checked (that's many years ago).
I'm not in any way associated with the shop, Pyra or ED.
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Yee sorry to say, it gets more expensive, not less.
Well after the member above me seems to be a spambot, there is not "the best application/game" on Pyra, its depents on your own kinks what you like:
I can say the Emu Ex Alpha Emulators are quite amazing because of this Savestate Feature where it saves every time automatically when you leave the game, and ask if it should load this state when you start the game, they work also quite good..
Then there where the P-Emulators, they are also good, but are not that straight forward on menue controll in my opinion than the Alpha Emus ..

For the more advanced Consoles whe have only one Emulator at least now: Reicast for the Sega Dreamcast, and Duckstation for Playstation 1
Reicast lacks a bit of the GUI at the Moment but most of the Games i did try where fullspeed, and Dreamcast is an awesome System whit lots of good games, in your Pocket thanks to the Pyra..

Duckstation god some quite nice quality of life Features like a Cheat Option and even features Rumble on the 4G Cellular Pyrae ...

Then whe have Pokemon Mini and Dosbox, ..
And lots of ports of older PC Games, even a fullversion of Revolt, and Ports of the GTA3 and GTA Vice City leak ..

I would say the Pyra did sell good, but its more a sort of a Device for Fans, as sadly there are now lots of cheap Emulation Handhelds out there, and even the Steamdeck is a bit less than the Retail Price of the Pyra which is about 700 € for the 4G 4GB Modell (which is still too cheap, EvilDragon makes still a loss on every Device)