Release hode (Heart of Darkness)

In the Heart of Darkness period it was still usual that you had CD's with demo's and shareware. It's one of the ways you would get in touch with new games. Obviously now there's internet to download your game, but now you also have video's of gameplay and streaming sites showing live gameplay so you might not even try it yourself. It wasn't the greatest looking game at the time, compared to games like Half-Life, Starcraft, Baldur's gate, etc. but it still holds some unique charm. These 2D platformers sometime hold-up even better compared to any 3D game from that era.

Thanks for porting ;)
Wow man I loved this game on the original play station.

Just tested this a bit and seems too work quite well.

My only concern is how to change the key mapping. It it seems it does not allow you to move to the option in the menu. And the default configuration is not comforable on pyra.
You're right, the controls were not ideal. And yes, somehow the options menu is not supported in the recreated engine. I swapped the Jump and Shoot keys, so that it is now possible to run and jump without breaking your thumb.

New build is up!
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I tested again and noticed something very strange.

If you maximize the window you cannot use face buttons anymore. Just intro and space and etc. This is why I complained about the layout initially. I thought that face buttons where not used at all.

Without maximizing the window it works quite well.
Hm I really don't know what you mean...
The game starts in full screen mode and face buttons are working. I even can't switch to windowed mode because the alt key causes the game to quit immediately.

However, the nubs are too sensitive and can affect the controls even if you don't use the nubs at all. Even in their initial position, they sometimes send movement data.
It would help to either set a dead zone for the nubs or deactivate them.
I don't know how to only deactivate the nubs.
$ sudo pyrainputctl disable gamepad
will deactivate the face buttons as well.

So does anybody know how to deactivate only the nubs or set a dead zone for them?
I swear by the fsm that in my pyra it starts windowed.

I think you are running bookworm. I'm not. Can this be the problem?
On my emmc is still buster and I tested all my ports with it. It does run in fullscreen mode as well!
I attach a picture as proof. If you are in the mood to find the cause I can provide logs or test anything you want.


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Try the following:
In your appdata/hode folder you find the hode.ini
Change line 38 to fullscreen=true and tell me if the face buttons now work.
I totally forgot I made this change!
You will find this funny but the file hode.ini or does not exist in my folder.

asimov@asimov-pyra:/media/asimov/SD16/dragonbox/appdata/hode$ ls HOD*
asimov@asimov-pyra:/media/asimov/SD16/dragonbox/appdata/hode$ ls hod*
asimov@asimov-pyra:/media/asimov/SD16/dragonbox/appdata/hode$ ls *.ini
ls: cannot access '*.ini': No such file or directory
I renamed the folder to allow the DBP to create it again and certainly it does not create any hode.ini.
Take the .ini file from the here:
I think when I copied the data files from my PS Vita, the .ini was already included. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Edit: I updated the dbp file with the hode.ini included. So there's no need to copy the file manually.
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