How to make the site work better with Pentadactyl (for Firefox)


Apr 26, 2012
So I've had problems with some the JavaScript elements not working well with Pentadactyl, the Vim-like control environment for Firefox/Nightly.

Here's what I did to help fix this problem so far:

1.) Install Pentadactyl if you haven't already:

2.) If you use NoScript, make sure that you allow JS from and the forums.

3.) Look for a switch icon at the top left when you reply to the topic.

4.) Click the switch, then the form changes into the "Simple" editing mode. You will have to type in the BBCode instead.

This procedure fixes the accidental keystrokes, because when clicking once more inside, or outside of the JS element textbox, Pentadactyl goes out of INSERT mode, and as soon as you hit B or Backspace or some other keystrokes, you leave the page and the buffer/cache of characters in the text area is lost.

This also helps solve the problem with Quick Replay (it doesn't even show up without doing this for me).

But hopefully this can work. If you use w3m, lyx, links, elinks or curl, then there's probably nothing anyone can do to help you. :)

Not a tested solution for Vichrome. I barely even use Chromium anyway.
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