I don't suppose anyone has a dingoo they are willing to sell me


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Dec 14, 2011
I am looking for a dingoo and I was wondering if anyone here has a dingoo they do not want anymore that they would be willing to sell to me. I preferably would want someone in the united states to sell me theirs because I don't want to worry about international shipping. If no one has a dingoo they want to sell, I am looking to buy it from deal extreme has anyone bought stuff from them because I am not sure if they are a perfectly legitimate website.
I've got an A380 with two controllers that I'm looking to offload, but I suspect you want an A320.
dx.com is more than a respectable company, but be prepared for shipping times up to 5 months. they always come through, and even when they dont, they will if you talk to them
It is worth noting that if you want to buy from within the US and also don't want to worry about international shipping, then DealExtreme is not the place to go - they're based in Hong Kong. :p
I've no dingoo for sale, but I can also recommend Deal Extreme, I've had loads of stuff from them without any problem. It does sometimes take up to a month for delivery but they always come through in the end.

Check out whether you'll need to pay import duty before buying though.
Yeah, I've used DealExtreme many times. It can take forever to get stuff, but shipping's free and they have great prices. :)
I've read this many times on a number of forums, but I've used them about 10 times now and never had to wait more than two weeks for any item (shipped to UK). Maybe I got lucky and maybe they had the items in stock anyway. Whatever the case, I certainly recommend them. :)
Being sold as is:

I have a GP2x Wiz here if your interested. Not completely sure if I want to sell it though, it is a cool device but if you want it I will consider it.
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