Jewel Case Protective Screen.


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Aug 16, 2006
British Columbia
Yep, i went ahead and did it. It looks pretty crappy (dremel scratched the plastic a bit) but it'll do untilll i get better plastic or one of the actual screens. Took me about 3 hours all told.

So, for those of you desperate or interested enough to mod your Gp2x hardcore style, here's the Tutorial on just how to do it:

Jewel case protective screen:

Prep work:
You will need:
-A handheld dremel rotary tool with the following attachements:
- Cutting blade
-Round things made out of plastic bristles
-1-3 jewel cases (for cd's)
-masking tape
-a black marker
-Black enamel paint
-a hairdryer
-lint-free cloth
-piece of black leather

Step 1: Completely dismantle your GP2x until only the screen is attached to the front panel. This should be simple enough: just unscrew the screws and be careful. If you dont know how to take it apart, you should not be doing this.

Part 2:

Step 1: warm the front pael up slowly with the hairdryer on its lowest setting. GENTLY GENTLY GENTLY (note emphasis) work the putty knife underneath the edge of the LCD, applying the most light upwards leverae to get the gluestrip to start seperating from the panel.

Step 2: Work the knife around slowly, warming the panel with the dryer when nesseccary. Try and get the gluestrip off in one piece, and place those pieces that tear back onto the LCD rim where they belong. Else you will not be able to re-attach the LCD to the panel.

Step 3: Now that the LCD is off, warm the front panel up until it is hot to the touch. use the putty knife to work the broken screen off, and scrape off any excess glue from the front panel. Try and make sure the broken screen comes off in one piece if possible.

Part 3:

Step 1: Place the old screen onto the jewel case, and trace around it with a black marker (one about 2cm thick is good). If not possible, measure the screen slot on the panel and mark it onto the jewel case that way.

Step 2: Cut out the piece (referred to as slide form now on) with the cutting blade of the dremel. Go slowly and be as straight as possible. Cut in the CENTER of the line, not the inside edge, you'll want room to trim and shape the slide.

Step 3: Now that the slide is cut out, use the flat edge of the blade to "sand" down the edge of the slide. be VERY CAREFUL not to let the blade touch the faces of the slide, or it will mark it up badly. Trim and shape the slide until it is the proper size and shape and looks desirable.

Step 3: using the bristle-disc thingy, remove the built-up melted plastic and smooth down the edges of the slide until it looks decent.

Step 4 (optional): If you posses a buffer, you could try to remove any scratches that get onto the faces of the slide. i dont have one, so my new screen is pretty scratched up.

Part 4:

Step 1: Mask the faces of the slide with the masking tape,leaving only 1 cm on the edges of the faces: the parts that will be covered by the front panels seating when its placed back on.

Step 2: Using either black spray paint or enamel paint, paint the open space. I used enamel and used the hairdryer to flash-dry it. It doesn't have to look pretty, it will be covered. Be sure that NO paint gets under the masking onto the faces of the slide.

Step 3: once paint is dry, remove the masking. Using glasscleaner and the lint-free cloth, clean both faces of the slide. DONT TOUCH THE SLIDE FACES NOW! you'll have to clean it again if you do ;)

Step 4: Re-assemble your Gp2x, pressing the LCD firmly so that its glue-strip re-attaches itself to the front panel.

Step 5: Clean the LCD using a dry lint-free cloth. Once any fingerprints are removed, use the pice of leather to remove any lint on the screen. (neat, huh?)

Step 6: Place your new protector into the seating on the front panel, painted side up. Take the electrical tape, and use it to cover the edges of the screen, being careful not to obstruc the screen. I find a strip 1-2cm wide and a few cm longer than the screen works great.

Final step: Turn it on and enjoy!

I'll put a picture of the finished project up when i can procure a digital camera. My screen is quite scratched, but not enough to detract in any major way from the GP2x. PLease post if you think a step needs more detail, and i'll add some more detail in.

Oh, and does it make it more hardcore that i did this and i'm only 16?

Reaper79: For the whole idea in the first place!
Alex.: For making the idea sound hardcore.
Alvin: For suggesting i use a putty knife.
Helpful notes regarding LCD, And also noting how hardcore it was.
Azalin posted on Sep 3 2006 at 07:16 PM said:
Yep, i went ahead and did it. It looks pretty crappy (dremel scratched the plastic a bit) but it'll do untilll i get better plastic or one of the actual screens. Took me about 3 hours all told.

Would anyone be interested in me posting a complete tutorial for those who would need such a desperate measure? I would be able to provide a picture of the final product, but the actuall process would be text-only.

Should i post the process? anyone interested? will get hardcore member status?

You went ahead and did it? Whao..hardcore man... It's like drilling your anus with sandpaper, just less painful and not as hardcore, but still hardcore. <Wtf?!!

Sure, I might need some instructions once my screen protector blows out again...
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call me a n00b (please please DO IT! DO IT NAOW!) but I really thought that the big bulky plastic thing over the LCD was a big bulky REPLACEABLE plastic thing

so the screen is glued to it then? or maybe my article skimming skills suck? =(
Yah. The LCD is glued to the INSIDE of the panel, and the plastic screen is glued to a "seat" on the OUTSIDE of the panel. Considering how close i came to blowing the LCD, this seems to be a brilliant set-up.
Why didn't you go for a glass screen? just kidding :D

Congrats dude, glad to know you handled it temporarly :)
Well, given how the thing was glued on tighter than the LCD was, methinks GPH doesn't expect them to be breaking enough to warrant distributing them.

And since when could you buy the GP2x off the shelf, let alone its parts? :p