Just got a pandora


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Feb 4, 2014

I just won a pandora on ebay for £85.00, it is a silver unit , no idea which one.

Any tips for the first things I should do with it when I get it

I bet he bought that one from Craig. He was advertising it for 85 pounds but it had broken nubs.

We all know who the dealer was
Yeah check out pandoralive, and also the PND Manager app on your Pandora, where you can download all sorts of great apps and games. Hope the nubs do work on yours, but if not it's still a great device for the price and plenty of games can still be enjoyed
Doesn't look like Craig's accoun, you got a steal there. that last unit I asked a question of and was told if the nubs were replaced by ED or askarus for example, that it would be restored to fully working.

There is also a Pandora model check pnd on the repo and pnd manager that will identify it, plus wb made the system info tool which is very useful.
Okay, i am waiting for it to arrive and will check it out, i thought if worst comes to worst i could perhaps pay an upgrade fee for the 1Ghz PCB.
well i think its the 256gb model , if i open the console and type free it shows 248868 total memory.  Other than a slight warp on one side of the screen it seems okay, hard to say if the nubs have a problem they both work.
okay , question. I re-installed the firmware to latest version and installed picodrive via the pnd updater tool.

Tried to play sonic and it is totally messed up , jerky and sound stuttering ....  I know it shouldn't be this way.

I checked the options and the CPU speed is set to 600mhz etc ? Any thoughts ...
i reset picodrive and it was fine, very odd.  I think it might have been because I was overclocking to 800Mhz but picrodrive was set to 600mhz
You'll probably want to determine what overclock rate you can hit, but many emulators should work just fine without worrying about overclocking.
Check the stress test to see just how high you should be able safely overclock. No guarantees, it could be fine at 800mhz for hours and then just suddenly fail, but for the most part should be fine.