Just preordered Pyra and Pandora questions

It's interesting that it says the battery is at 78%. Has that proven to be stable, or it is going up or down over time?

That screen certainly looks odd, but I'm not sure what backdrop your using. Those red lines look rather like mechanical damage caused by a stylus pressed way too hard and scraped over the surface, or something else hard and relatively pointy.

The touchscreen lines are also part of the LCD cable, so it's possible the cable is defective or incompletely inserted. But thankfully a Pandora is perfectly usable without a touchscreen so I wouldn't worry about that yet and check the unit is stable and isn't discharging that battery alarmingly. Once you'd got that checked over, you can start to worry about more aesthetic or usability type stuff.
sorry for bothering you. I found that there is something missing on my board on the MIC1 area. What is that for?
Thank you
If I recall correctly the mic can get knocked off by the case during disassembly due to the tight space it is in.
Indeed, although it's not really a lack of space that causes the issue, it's that it's enclosed in a plastic tube to ensure sound is transferred from the outside to the microphone efficiently. If you pull the board off at an angle there's a risk the microphone can be pulled off. It's probably still there in the tube, but probably not repairable having lost most of its legs.

But a missing microphone shouldn't cause the system much trouble, if you're not using it I expect. I guess it's a little piezzoelectric jobbie, which tend to have very high impedences, so an open circuit is electrically rather similar, just somewhat quieter after recording.

FWIW, I don't think I've ever used my microphone on my Pandora. I recall a DS Zelda game where you had to blow the microphone, but I don't know if I ever played that in DraStic, or if it even actually supports the microphone. If I didn't do that, then I've definitely never used it.
Oh, I forgot to mention that the Color of screen is similar to the one that someone mentioned before.
The cable may not be seated perfectly. Even a slight kink in it will cause colours to go funny, the "purple screen of death" as it's called sometimes, though it isn't always purple.