LCD cable & case replacement OOW...Who to ask?


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Aug 28, 2010
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Hello Pandoraville,

It's been an age since I last posted (thank he of noodle based appendages) and I've missed a ton of developments in Pandora land since myville collapsed on an unprecidented scale.

I've missed tons of drama from ongoing pre-orders almost getting met, 1ghz editions rolling out for a time, donation drives to cut the queue down and all the excitement of the iCP2 kickstarter (which I offer congratulations to all involved over, as it looks an awesome piece of kit, which I shall def buy into when i have some funds and it's into buy now status).

However I've also missed Prometheus leaving (just got her note to me now) and I shall miss her ongoing chapters of her Pandora written Megaman novel she was starting to send me to proof read and all her usefullness and 2sense that she balanced things around here with. SONY too is long gone it seems, so no more bra pics and general hilarity. I imagine Hakman/Scooby and Ocean/formerly known as "XYZ", are also things of the past.

Sadly my LCD cable is also now a thing of the past.

It's a first run of the second gen of them (which I gather EvilDragon was interested in failed samples of) which began to exhibit PTOD symptoms back in June (prior to my maritial collapse) and has held out till last week.

Eventually I decided to try to reconnect the cable in just the base area of the Pandora CC model, as it was no longer very useable and in process (which was fun and went well thanks to ED's video) I lost all display at all. Also possibly a case latch between the SD cards has broken off, as its not as close fitting as it was there anymore and I had that classic moment, of realising I had a few extra spare parts leftover, after I had reassembled her.

I gather Japan are now making a 3rd gen LCD cable and I would like to inquire if it is possible to return my Pandora to someone (out of warranty) to have the cable replaced with a Japanese version, the case replaced and to pick up a new battery at the same time? (possibly also stripping the wifi shielding, as I have poor wifi)

I would love to trade in for the new 1GHZ model but at this time it's probably out of my price range, until i am working again in the next few months.

If it is possible to get an out of warranty repair and case replacement done, please could you let me know who is the best person to send things to?

I gather ED is now running DragonBox (nice website), Craigix is more iCP2 orientated at the moment, Askarus helps ED out, Link is still running his American store and that LinuxSwat of Slackware fame, maybe running a shop and repair service from Paris.

I am based in Manchester UK and would simply like a quote and contact details for anyone that can help repair my Pandora, as there is alot to catch back up on in all the new software developments.

All the best to all and everyone and their cats :)



Has bluetooth audio been sorted for the Pandora yet to allow easy pairing with BT headsets/speakers with more players?

Can the actual Pandora 2 feature far far louder and better quality speakers (as via the headphones its amazing but without them its inaudible above a light breeze) somewhere in it's design please?
Sorry to bump this topic but is there anyone that will tell me where I can send my CC Pandora to, in order to get the LCD cable and the case replaced, and how much they would want as an out of warranty repair?

Many thanks

Sry, missed your thread ^^.

Yup, german repairs, as they may already have the latest gen LCD cable.

For now, i personally intend to repair only OP that come in my shop with their little feet, not shipped ones.
Thank you both for your replies. I had thought that ED's shop would be the answer. I shall attempt to contact him, as I know he's always busy :)
If you need any repairs send it to Open Pandora GMBH.

I'll repair your Pandora as soon as possible.

PLEASE add some description of your issue.

I sometimes get Pandoras without any description and have to guess what's the problem.
Hi Askarus. My case is fine but I'm getting display problems as well - specifically, the game colors change as the LCD moves during play. I can position the screen where the "whites are white" (and not pink) but the adjustment is only temporary and I, too, suspect it's the LCD cable. I can't recall what the warranty is for an original unit but I've had it for about 18 months so I expect to pay for the repair. I set a PM to ED about 10 days ago but, as noted above, I know he's busy. Please send me the address and any instructions I'll need in order to send it for repair. Thanks!

- Jim -
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Thanks Askarus,

I take it i should send to this address :

OpenPandora GmbH

Managing Director: Michael Mrozek

Schäffbräustr. 11

85049 Ingolstadt


with instructions....

(i.e a New Case is required due to clip between SD slots is busted & a scratched battery cover & a new japanese LCD cable is required, as this one is a failed 2nd gen cable (perhaps of interest to why they fail). Plus if possible, could you please remove the wifi antennas shielding, as this unit has always had slow wifi sub 100kb/s and it's worth a shot to see if it improves without the shielding)


should I open a new ticket, via this email address?

RMA Requests:

I am happy to pay a fee for the out of warranty repair and for the postage, if I can simply be notified of when the unit is repaired and ready to be shipped back.

Many thanks in advance

MarioPandio :)
Address is right.

@ MarioPandio.

LCD-cable and broken housing is on warranty.

If you want to send us money donations will be the best way I think (don't have the link right now)

Don't open a new ticket. This thread is enough.

Wifi tape will always be checked if I open up a pandora.

@ The Limmer

Send your unit to the same address.

You don't have to pay for bad old LCD-Cable replacement.

If you want to you may also donate.

Please send also some description with your Pandora.
Hi Askarus

I have a first edition pandora so had it for quite a while now and it has an original LCD cable which is now failing - pink screen :(

I am based in the UK and ordered it off Craig. Should I also send this to Germany for repair?

Happy to donate for cost of repair and postage. If you could give a guide figure and payment details.

@Askarus, Thanks for the info and kind offer.

I've come into some cash and now wish to upgrade to the 1ghz model instead of just a repair of the LCD and case.

The case clip between the SD cards was broken by myself during my attempt to reseat the LCD cable, so I dont consider that on the warranty at all, although it's very kind of you guys to offer that.

I would prefer to replace the case with a Platinum case set at my own expense and simply need the newer Japanese LCD cable and perhaps, to have the wifi attenna shielding stripped off the new 1Ghz editions board, incase it aids faster wifi (as obviously I dont know what the new board will be like).

My current CC Pandora that I presume will go to someone else, had rather slow wifi but it overclocks to around 1075Mhz and plays Tekken 3 at that speed stable, back when higher speeds were needed. So it's not a bad board at all, to go to a pre-orderer that's still waiting.

Regarding donations to cover the repair (now an upgrade) I was wondering if donating to the Slackware project would be acceptable, as this would get Linux-Swat further to his 1Ghz model and his old CC board toward another person in the queue?

So I plan to make a payment for a 1ghz upgrade + new platinum case + free new LCD cable + shipping costs + donate to Slackware to cover the out of warranty aspect of the LCD replacement. If thats okay? Or should I donate purely to the pre-orderer queue?

Hope that makes sense :)
Yeah I was part way through the order and just wanted to clarify how you would prefer things over the donation and if I should order the LCD cable aswell, or if your happy for that under out of warranty niceness still, given that its now an upgrade?
That's nice, thank you ^^.

Even if i received the 1GHz (thanks all donators ^^), i still accept donations, which will be converted in units, therefore also helping the community.

Btw, my 1st unit was a preorder so i still have my CC.

Having two OP for my job is a necessity.
Have ordered the 1Ghz upgrade and donated to both Slackware and the pre-orderer queue. Now to package up the CC unit and send her on her way..... :wub:

Time for some bigger SD cards methinks too! :)
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