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Mar 4, 2011
I have a ton of questions about the Pandora. I hope that some one can be courteous and helpful in answering them. I do understand that I could find the answers to these with searching but I expect that some of you know the answers to some of these questions and can deliver them with very little effort.

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1A. The hardware problem that caused wifi issues has been corrected and all newly manufacturer units do not present this issue.

1B. The max WiFI speed seems to be 500 KiloBytes per second

2A. It should be possible to use the Wii Remote but no one has done this yet

2B. It possible to use standard USB game pads and joysticks with the Pandora but support is application specific.

2C. Buttons on these devices can not yet be easily remapped to other buttons, keyboard keys and the Pandora joysticks.

3. The Pandora does not have IR communications. There is a serial port on the board but not accessible by default. I do knot know what is possible with this port.

4. It possible to use an unpowered USB hub to use multiple devices at once (a keyboard, a mouse and a flash drive for example)

5. The TV output, can it output a 16:9 image (on a 4:3 signal, on a 16:9 signal?

6A. Playing Descent on the Pandora is awesome!

6B. Is it possible to play Descent multi-player? Against PC users?

7. Is it possible to play four player games (N64, PS1, Other)

8. Is it possible to use android applications, and access the same files when booting android VS booting the native OS?

9. Pandora can go into a standby like state for something like 48 hours, true standby will be implemented eventually and should be significantly longer?

10. It takes 40 seconds to cold boot the Pandora, i should be possible to decrease this with some hacking.

11. I want to use Yahoo Messenger network, does anyone have any experience using this on the Pandora?

12. Can I use youtube and other video sites in a web browser?

13. network file shares are easily accessible?

14. I want to be able to use the Pandora as a keyboard and mouse (touchscreen or joysticks) for a PC wired or wirelessly, has this been done, is this doable?

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Feb 28, 2008
Sydney, Australia
Ok, but if you're not searching, I'm not :p I'll give you the best answers I can off the top of my head.

1A. The hardware problem (bad resistance on one of the lines) is fixed.

1B. I think the max speed (depending on router, settings etc) is around 500KB/s. (large B, Byte)

2A. Yes. Not sure if it's been implemented by anyone yet.

2B. Yes. This ability needs to be coded into individual apps though. Picodrive and MAME can do it, probably many more.

2C. I think the correct answer is 'soon', if/when something like xpadder is ported.

3. IR or serial would be via USB adapter at this stage. Hardware hackers could also access RS232 via the EXT port.

4. Yes.

5. We still don't have TV cables so no first hand answer, but we know it's SD (s-video) signal only. Not sure what that means for aspect ratio.

6A. Hell yes.

6B. Good question.

7. I don't know if any emus implement it yet. I believe some homebrew does. It's all in the software, worked on according to interest/demand/dev inclination.

8. No.

9. Complete standby mode is not implemented yet (requires many many hours of kernel/driver hacking). We have a low power mode which is good for a couple of days maybe.

10. 40 seconds ish. Can be halved with the right overclocking scripts, I have read.

11. No personal experience, but we have Pidgin which should be compatible.

12. Flash is slow at the moment, Youtube works at the lowest res only. There's the standalone app Minitube which grabs mp4 streams from Youtube. Overall, streaming video is not a great experience right now.

13. Yes.

14. Doable, yes. Done, needs a search. I know it's been discussed lots.


Dec 29, 2009
::EDIT:: ninjad by gruso!

dont quote me, i didnt look either. and i dont have my unit yet. thats what your laziness gets :)

1a = the first (some #) of units where not designed to spec, a hand wired resistor fixed this and newly produced wifi boards are built to spec.

1b = dont know, dont have mine, i havnt heard any complaints though.

2a = yes it is possible, i dont know if drivers exist yet and you would still need to use the light bar (or hack one into the pandora itself)

2b = yes (if drivers for your pad exist. most do, as well as xbox, 360, and ps3)

2c = yes (can be universal or depending on the program, program specific )

3a = there is are pads to add an led(or ir sensor) into the lid.

3b = if someone makes drivers for something like this http://www.palminfocenter.com/news/7096/new-sd-card-universal-remote-control-device/

3c = if someone makes drivers for usb to serial adapters

4 = depends on the devices

5 = dont know

6a = have a look! search "descent on pandora" on youtube

6b = i dont know, would be a shame if you couldnt. i bet it can

7 = yep :)

8 = search "android on pandora" on youtube. i know a port is i the works, i dont know any more

9 = psshsh like a month? (i dont know but it has to be a long time)

10 =


11 = pidgin supports a lot of chat clients, including yahoo. i use it on my laptop, its nice

12 = i think so.

13 = yep

14 = its possible, dont know if its been done. im sure it will happen
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