MAME4ALL Dingoo v1.0

Congratulations to the developers and the users on getting such an important software released on the Dingoo. How does it run? Is it compatible? Is it responsive? Is it fast?
New version will be coming soon-ish.

Adding video scalers for games with resolutions higher > 320x240.

I'm also interested in fixing games that don't work EXCLUDING (for now) games that don't have sufficient memory.

ie. I know that Pole Position causes a segmentation fault.
If you know of others, please let me know.

EDIT: Pole Position fixed for v1.1 (coming soon)
Hi Slaanesh

Thank you very much for the mame release - you made my dingoo!!!

The only issue I have had is with asteroids, but to be honest it may be the rom (Im still trying to get a verified 37b5 rom)

On an aside, if you feel like a quick and dirty challenge. How about porting O2EM. I know there is an o2em for the native o/s but it lacks a keyboard entry which is key to the console. :)

anyhow THANK YOU!!
To be brutally honest, If I am going to port something I need to be interested in the subject - and the Odyssey doesn't really interest me enough. Sorry.
I'm going to look at Finalburn Alpha next - as arcade games are what I love the most. In the mean time, there's still a few things to do with MAME to make it more usable.
No problem at all .. just an idea.

Thanks again for Mame! Looking forward to your next release!