Moving to a bigger SD card


Apr 16, 2012
I just bought a bigger SD card. What is the best way to move the content of the previous card to the new one?

Status quo: Two partitions, one FAT32, one Ext4. The Ext4 contains

- the Pandora folder with all common subfolders

- a privat folder

- a folder with icons for warlock bar

I partitioned my new card the same (except bigger size of partitions and new names) and copied over all contents. I couldn't copy one file from each subfolder in appdata but this doesn't seem to be a loss as most apps I start from the new card work flawlessly.

One exception: Warlock Bar does work but only with default bar and I cannot open the preferences (I was prepared to edit them because of the new partition name, but I can't open them at all).

Does anyone know a solution to this?

Is there another problem I overlooked by just copying my folders?

OK, solved the Warlock Bar problem.

Inside pandora/appdata/wbar there's a file called .wbar (which is therefor hidden) which contains the configuration. I just opened it with vi in a terminal and changed all occurrences of my old partition to the new one. This was way easier than changing every entry inside Warlock Bar. Saved the file, started Warlock Bar and it works again.

Next problem I encountered is hackerbooks.