New cables, more boards (2011-04-15)


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Apr 2, 2009
Some of you might've seen that I was a bit unactive during the last week. I've still got so much work to do. Besides building Pandoras (which I will also do this weekend), I had so much to do in my normal job, so I didn't have much time to post.

Anyways, some good things have happened and I want to inform you about those for sure.

First, the first 2000 of the new LCD cables have arrived.
They have been built by a company that is specialized on flex cable production. Some of the biggest notebook manufacturers worldwide are their customers.
These guys optimized and extensively tested the cables - this should be the final end of the purple tint of death!

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Click on the picture for a bigger view!

About 1000 of those will be used for the last units of Batch 1, the next ones are for the first 1000 units of Batch 2.
Speaking about Batch 2: The next 4200 batteries are on the way to Craig via sea and will arrive early May.

Next, onto what CircuitCo has been doing.

They continued with their weekly shipment of boards, which is something I'm really happy about! Last weeks they shipped 150, this week, it was 200.
Also, thanks to the boards we sent back that had issues when we got them, they optimized their testing process to ensure that all boards they are shipping to us are working now.
The debugging and fixing of broken units also made some big steps: Quite a number of boards had the same issues. They found out for most problems what part caused that issue and can therefore now repair all those boards without too much hassle.

With todays shipment, a total number of 2703 boards has been shipped to us, about 200 were broken (mostly due to the old nubs) and are currently being reworked.

Let's sum everything up:

* 2703 boards shipped so far
* CC has been doing reliable weekly shipments during the last weeks
* They are improving the testing to make sure we don't get any boards with issues anymore
* 2000 new LCD Cables have arrived
* The batteries for Batch 2 will be in UK early May

As usual, I'll keep you updated :)

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gibt es mittlerweile eigentlich noch aktuellere news? mich würde z.B. interessieren, wann OP denkt, Batch 1 abzuschließen. Ich will ja nicht nörglen, aber irgendwie kommt mir die produktion langsamer vor denn je... Ich als Batch 2er (BstNr. 52xx) hätte gerne eine pandora vor mitte august, was ja nicht unmöglich wäre, da nach aktuellem infostand alles passt in der produktion!? dennoch geht es nur so langsam voran <_<
Du weist doch, in 2 Monaten™(soll heißen keiner kann das genau sagen)
Johnson r. said:
Du weist doch, in 2 Monaten™(soll heißen keiner kann das genau sagen)
Etwas kann man dazu sagen: Wenn kein Wunder geschieht mehr als 3.
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