New version emulator ZEsarUX-4.0


Still Fresh
Sep 8, 2015

I have uploaded a new version of my emulator ZEsarUX 4.0.

You can download it from the project web page:

This version adds some new machines:
-Jupiter Ace
-Chloe 140 SE
-Chloe 280 SE
-Timex TS 2068
-Amstrad CPC 464 (experimental)

So, ZEsarUX is the first and the unique emulator of Chloe 140/280, Prism, ZX-Uno and Inves Spectrum+.

Other changes:

Added Pentagon Timing support
Added AZERTY keyboard support
Added ZGX Sprite Chip emulation
Added Allow Write on ROM setting
Added Turbo Setting to Input Spool File
Added Redefine keys setting
Added ULA early/late timings setting
Changed .ZX snapshot to version 6, with:
*New machines on snapshot supported: ZX-Uno, Jupiter Ace, Chloe, Timex, Amstrad CPC 464, Prism
*ULAplus state and palette
*Timex registers status
Added Hotswap to 48k on all Spectrum machines
Fixed Timex mode 512x192
Fixed contended memory timings on Spectrum 128k and +2A
Fixed top border size (56 instead of 48 pixels), according to Chris Smith "The ZX Spectrum ULA" book
Fixed cursor keys reading and Home key on Raspberry Pi
Improved interlaced. Now it can be enabled with ULAplus, Timex or Spectra video modes. But not with scanlines
Improved Storage menus. All media: tapes, z88 file cards, zxuno spi flash, mmc cards, timex cards are located on new "Storage Settings" Menu
Improved Machine Selection menu. Now it's classified by manufacturer

I hope you like it

Thanks, and thanks Canseco for the new PND. I'll update and test out some Amstrad games in a bit.

I guess it's a bit cheeky to ask for CPC-plus support. I'd love to play Amstrad Pang! for sentimental reasons, and that was only released as a GX4000/CPC plus cartridge. But, whoops, I seem to have just asked anyway!
You're welcome!

Well maybe in the future... Meanwhile only cpc 464 machine is emulated... Cpc +/gx4000 have advanced hardware display and makes it difficult for me to emulate...

Great news!!

I will update as soon as possible, XD
Thanks! :)