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I remember the first proper vr machine I had a go on about 12 years ago, it was probably the most thrilling computer game I have ever played. We could only play for 5/10 min spells (can't remember exactly how long, but it was a short time) and when I took my head gear and what not off it was similar to the effects of sitting in a cinema for a long film, where your eyes need time to re-adjust and felt like I was floating when walking. Would love to find somewhere again which has a proper vr section.
I guess, every 10 years or so, someone tries to make a VR Helmet. :D I can remember, 15 years ago, there already was one for PC, the VFX-1

However, I've seen Carmacks presentation from the expo some months ago, it looked promising. The current Kickstarter project seems to be not the same Helmet but something comparable in specs.

But it looks like the Kickstarter campaign is more for devs to work with the prototypes, before the actual mass production for consumers happens.

The second best thing I've ever pre-ordered for $330, I think.


I guess you have to build it by yourself. ^^ If you are done, the first thing you have to try should be to plug it into the Pandora! :D
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I've always wanted to see VR make a comeback so I'm excited by this.

However as I've said before, I'd be more interested in first person movies than games.

I think a horror movie filmed like that and watched on a VR headset would reach new levels of terror.
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First person 360 degree (or maybe just 180) movie would be awesome. On a fixed track as the movie plays, but you can move your head around, see the sights a bit, look at the action you want to see. Or maybe in practice it wouldn't be so cool.

What about the character voice? What do you think is more engrossing, a silent protagonist that we live through or one we see through but can also hear speaking?

I grew up on the silent protagonist, it seems easier for me to become engrossed in something when I feel like people are talking to me and the response is whatever blanks my brain happens to fill in, rather than listening to someone else say words "for me" as it were. I know there's a lot of people that disagree and want to see the end of the silent protagonist in games, so I can imagine it not working out well in a movie at all.
Looks pretty good, looks like it will be another bumber kickstart raking with over $580,000 so far.
I'll wait for the consumer it will be cheaper . And I have a virtual boy the wait won't be to painful :)
I'll wait for the consumer it will be cheaper . And I have a virtual boy the wait won't be to painful :)
Definitely wait for the consumer version - it may not be cheaper (they need to make a profit!), but the resolution will be higher, there will be purpose coded software, and they'll have ironed out any known hardware issues.


I got burned by buying a 3D Visor. The screens have degraded over time and would cost as much to replace as a new one would!
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Woohoo, I've been waiting for something like this to materialise, I could never understand why VR disappeared in the first place it had such potential. My only concern with these things is how much they would take you out of the real world, with a set of these and some earphones you're dead to everyone else. In the future, burglaries will be conducted around you as you fight some invisible monsters