Noob Clrmamepro Question...


Oct 21, 2005
I'm getting my replacement gp2x in a couple days and would like to have my 0.34 romset for mame ready for it.

I've searched and searched for a dat file, and can't find one. I don't know if I'm an idiot or what (lol). I've never used clrmamepro before and don't know the first thing about it. I have a later rom set that is .9 something. How can I convert that set to one that only has compatible roms for the gp2x mame release?

Any help would be appreciated...

There is a dat file in the zip, just point clrmamepro to that and rebuild the sets. Took me awhile to get my set complete, had to rebuild it from 3 or 4 different versions plus grab some other roms.
I grabbed a torrent of the MAME rollback set and using that with my 1.02 set made a perfect 100% .34 set. Works great! Well worth the time and trouble.

Sidenote to Franxis: Thank you so much for such a great port. Awesome. I'm signing up for my Paypal account today!

Pariah B)