Not Hearing Any Sound


Still Fresh
Apr 16, 2011
Just got my Pandora last weekend, and overall I'm very impressed!

But it's eerily quiet! Out of the box, do I need to do anything to

enable sound? Is there any simple sound player on this, where I

can click a WAV or something, to know that the speakers work? I

just read that there is no sound on bootup, but is there any other

Pandora actions that emit a sound? I have the mixer turned up, but

when I try PCSX reARMed r8 emulator, it's completely quiet through

both the speakers and the headphone jack, and adjusting the volume

knob has no effect at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
After installing hotfix 5 you should definately install the Comminuty Codec Pack as this gives you mplayer to test a sound file. It may also be that your emulators aren't producing sound due to missing codecs. so it'll solve that problem as well.

Both the hotfix and the code pack are available here
Our emulators use the Community Codec Pack? Hot damn, I thought it was just the media players.
Sound works flawlessly now that I've got hotfix 5 and

the Comminuty Codec Pack installed. Thanks for the help!
And you can always test sound with the Pandora input tester. Left and right emit sound through left and right speaker when pressed.