Openpandora Looking For A Buyer ?

If Microsoft (or SONY or...) ever DID get interested in buying the OpenPandora company and it's IPs - who says it would be to actually release the Pandora rather than to keep it off the market?
Trevsweb said:
shouldve reverted them to the "pandora will never run windows" thread ;)

It didn't exist at the time. Anyway, a simple "No, thank you" was sufficient.
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femngi said:
Ever think about taking the Pandora on Dragon's Den? Not that I would want them in on the project, I'd just want to see Peter's face when you explain what it is you're making.

That would be interesting :p . Maybe they would react (facial expression wise) the same way Simon Cowell did when he first saw Susan Boyle (Britain's got talent)
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