Pcsx Rearmed 2013


Still Fresh
Feb 14, 2004
I feel like i post too much :( maybe i do, but there has not been much discussion at V 18 psx rearmed. Is V 13 better then, since noone are complaining at that.
I see many people say FF7 runs at 100% speed, so what are the best settings for the game at Rearmed V.18?
And what are in general the best settings for psx games?
There may be something wrong with my clock function? i clock it to 680, frameskip : off,  display/software scaling : off, advanced/speed hacks/ psx clock : 45%
Still the battles are lagging imensly.
Other games as Xenogears and Time commando also are slow at some places if not all(Time Commando)
Is there something wrong with my Bios scph1001? Or isos?