GP32 Please Compile Opensnes9xgp With This Changed File


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Apr 18, 2003
Maryland, USA
I had trouble trying to compile OpenSNES9xGP without ADS, so I'm going to leave it up to those who are knowledgable in ADS. My changes allow for overclocking beyond 166MHz, up to a maximum of 200MHz.

The OpenSNES9xGP v0.2 source code can be found on yoyofr's website on it's official page:

Overwrite the gpsnes9x.cpp with an edited version:

I double-checked my additions and they are correctly syntaxed as far as I can tell. Reply if you get any errors :)
generalnmx or any other people with any coding skills
can you add higher that 200 and possible go up to 220

i tried to do it myself
but the bottom part confuses me

no coding skill what so ever
i downloaded mr. spivs program
and ive been looking at this thread
but i just don't have the mind like robster does when thinking like a dev
i'm stuck
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Hmmm something wrong with this compiliation, I just tried it and not only is there no sound (though games run at the speed of sound emulation) there seems to be some compatibility issues as well that weren't in the previous release. Methinks he either used version 0.1 or version 0.2 is actually an older version <_<

Oh well, Super Mario World runs at FS1 now with sound enabled (even though you can't hear it) at 176MHz!

Edit: OK, looking at Yoyo's site again I see there's only one source up it possible he posted an older source then what's in the 0.2 release? Or maybe ADS is just being a bitch, which I am sure is VERY possible :(
well, i think the title screen and music is missing. I experienced this problem with the non modded version, if you put it into a subfolder of GPMM.
full speed chrono trigger at 200 mhz sound off(allthough it doesn't matter because there is no sound in this version)

and thats the only game i've tried
this is a good day!

edit: omg same with zelda 31 fps with frameskip 1
That file had the sound disabled
Here is one from Zano again, but with sound.
I don't know how it works as I'm just about to go try it myself.


EDIT: About the title screen, he also said he removed it cuz he wasn't able to get it right, and it added 100kb.
wow thanks
i wish he kept the icon from the other version though
programs without icons agrivate me for some reason
Wow I must say :D
Chrono Trigger runs full speed at FS1 and no sound, but I've been playing Illusion of Gaia at 90~100% speed with sound and FS1, played for about 1hr and it was great, now it needs to be updated to this and have new optimisation for it and it's set, at least for us that can go as high (benchmark tool didnt hang at 220mhz on mine :D)