Porting Moonbuggy?


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Apr 15, 2003
how about a screenie?

Wooo. is this fast reply thing new?
could anyone port elastomania(or across)? that vould be cool! :lol:

vould be the best game for the gp32 :)
there was a lib file in the package, but how can i add all this in the right folders?
and it didnt run at all.. it just says, file or directory not found...
the lib file is int lib/menu so i think its not needed for the game..
anyone got it to run, please tell me how ;)
hm i get this error everytime when i want to launch something.. so the file is not the problem :(
so why cant i run any program manually? what do i have to do... did i forget something?
any help would be nice... thx
Where exactly are you trying to run the program? Just typing ./<programname> when Linux boots won't work. You have to actually go to the directory, and type ./<programname> there...
i know this... it put it in on the smc.. go there with cd /mnt/ and then i try to run the program with ./moon-buggy it doesnt work...
but everyprogram i want to start with this doesnt work, it just give me File or Directory not exist or something like this :(
can someone else please try it?
it is because you miss some libs
you should first inform about the libs needed
then add them, set the path to the libs
then you shouldnt have the not found message

excess, if you read this, can you give us the link to your spanish forum, someone tested there an zaurus package i think, for a drawing program

the opie release is nice, but slow (use too much ram)
we could use a lighter (very light) version, but then you have less programs working as you miss some widgets

i tested opie at the beginning to show it works, and because they were saying small memory footprint, but they were lying ...

a nice fast release is microwindows/nano-x
is lighter and faster
have to work on it, but have few time (seeking a job + was working on usb wifi).

we need more
developpers/testers/people wanting to try stuff
you could maybe use a bootable linux cd if you want to help, so you dont have to install it
ok so when i have time i willl work on nanox/kdrive/xfree
and a easy pack of the flash player 3 for nanox(if colors are better now) or kdrive(rotated mode, faster movie display, a little heavier)
great game ?
it looks like that
its really cool for a console game ;) i like it and it should run on the gp32...
have you tried it?
for Testers... i think i could do this... perhaps a bit ;)
i have linux installed on my x86 PC (mandrake) so perhaps i can test some thing..
but i dont have a powered hub yet.. so first no usb things
(have to get one soon, want to try my USB HDD and my USB Burner ;) )

for a small distro to look at linux.. i like this one http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/index.html