Problem With Castaway


Still Fresh
May 10, 2005
i have a problem with Castaway.First time it work without problems, but after i deleted some files i got a error "no disk images found in \gpmm\atarist" and can not boot castaway.
I have the castaway.fxe in the \gpmm folder and in the \gpmm\atarist folder tos.img,stgames.txt,diska.stt,diskb.stt and some games.

Thank You very much...

Greets Casimir
Sorry, I don't have an answer but I have the same files in my AtariST folder and CaSTAway loads just fine. Are you games renamed to *.stt?

Yes, i tried it to rename to*.stt but it is the same.
Before it work without rename the games, but now nothing work.
It doesnt' really care what the filename is .. the three-letter-extension is only needed by the brain damaged Gamepark explorer tool that uploads to SMC via the cable. If you use a card writer, you can leave them as .st no worries. (Make sure you leave .msa as .msa of course.. renaming .st to .stt was the trick and only needed for GPExplorer)

Perhaps you buggered up your smc card? ie: GP32 doesnt' really follow the full format spec Windows expects, so if you're using a card writer and screw with the files (deleting etc) you can bugger up the SMC "as far as the GP32 is concerned"...

I think about it,that the problem maybe is that i use a card writer to copy and delete the files.But what i have to do when the problem the card reader is?Have i to format the card new with the GP32 soft or can i do that under windows?

You get best results using the gpmanager application to format the SMC. You may have luck formatting it manually in windows, but possibly not if you're running XP. cheers.
I have format my card with the gp32 manager and copy all the files with the gp32 manager to my smc card.Now everything is working fine.I think sometimes you can have problems if you use a cardreader.Is a mystery for my why.

Thank you very much!!! :)