Problem With Gp32


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Jul 26, 2004

I just got my gp32 today and when i used pc link mode to get some games onto the smc using the program gp32 manager ( the software from the cd that came with the gp32 ) and i click yes when it says have to connect the usb to gp32 n gone to link mode, it dosnt seem to be able to read the gp32.

My o/s is windows xp home edition and its a gp32 blu 180mhz.

So can anyone here gime some solutions plz thanks in advance!
i woudl try that but i cant even format my smc cause i cant use gp32 manager cause it dosnt read the gp32 connected to the pc.

Problem= Pc cant read that gp32 is plugged in to pc so i cant start gp32 manager cause when i click ok when the program starts it just gives me the same message

But thanks for advice any way
I'd advise you to get yourself a smc reader/wrinter, they are very cheap!
how do i set the gp in pc link mode?

Edit: if you mean by selecting pc link mode when you do it i all rdy tried that
Also what does the gp32 mean when i click on pc link mode and it says now waiting..... ( does it mean its waitng for me to launch gp manger or somehting else?)
its waiting for you to make the conenction, yes

the way to go is start pclink on gp->start plink(or gpmaneger) on pc -> connect the usb cable -> klick the ok button that should aper when starting üclink(gpmaneger) on pc -> do what you want
i have to do mine in these steps.

1. make sure the pc link host program is closed and connect your gp 32 usb cable.
2. open the pc-link program (a popup should appear dont press ok yet)
3. set your gp32 into pclink mode (wait 5 seconds)
4. the press ok on the popup

walla works for me
any other order doesnt
does it say anything on the gp32 when the wait is over and i should click ok on the pop up

Btw thanks for your replys :D
after you click pclink on the gp32 you'll get a now connecting type thing or please wait(batteries dead cant test) you dont have to wait long
literally 5 seconds.

btw if you have more that one usb port in your pc try them all