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Jan 18, 2010
So I guess now that we have a NEON/DSP section, where are some good guides for programming Neon or the DSP, such as tutorials and general useful info that would allow people to get started. If we can gather some good links I will put them here in this first post and pin the topic.
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This is a list of TI C64+ DSP docs I posted on page 9 of the "announce" thread:

(important documents are prefixed with *)

 sprugn4r.pdf [] - "AM/DM37x Multimedia Device Silicon Revision 1.x Version R Technical Reference Manual"
*spruf98x.pdf [] - "OMAP35x Applications Processor Technical Reference Manual" (more complete than the previous document. the differences between DM3730 (1Ghz Pandora) and OMAP3530 seem so small that I'd recommend this manual.)
 spraao8.pdf  [] - "Common Object File Format" (DSP images)
 Chapter10.ppt [] - Introduction to interrupts, Types of interrupts and sources, Interrupt timeline, Handling and processing interrupts using C and assembly code.
 spra829.pdf [] - "DSP/BIOS Timers and Benchmarking Tips"
 spru656a.pdf [] - "TMS320C6000 DSP Cache User’s Guide"
*spru425a.pdf [] - "TMS320C6000 Optimizing C Compiler Tutorial"
 spru190q.pdf [] - "TMS320C6000 DSP Peripherals Overview / Reference Guide" (contains many links to other documents)
*spru198k.pdf [] - "TMS320C6000 Programmer’s Guide"
 spru871k.pdf [] - "TMS320C64x+ DSP Megamodule Reference Guide"
*spru732j.pdf [] - "TMS320C64x/C64x+ DSP CPU and Instruction Set"
 c6xbios.hlp [installed with CCS, on my system its @ C:\ti\bios_5_41_13_42\packages\ti\bios\help\doc] - "TMS320C600 DSP/BIOS Help"

 spru007i.pdf [] - "DSP/BIOS 5.40 Textual Configuration (Tconf) User’s Guide" (in case you're wondering what those .tci and .tcf files in the example DSP image project are used for)

some ARM Cortex-A8 / NEON related docs:

 DDI0344D_cortex_a8_r2p1_trm.pdf [] - "Cortex-A8 technical reference manual"

 QRC0001_UAL.pdf [] - "ARM and Thumb-2 Quick Reference Card"

 QRC0007_VFP.pdf [] - "Vector Floating Point Quick Reference Card"

 AT_-_NEON_for_Multimedia_Applications.pdf [] - "NEON technology introduction" (very brief)

 CJAJIIGG.html [] - "NEON instructions"

 Bcfjicfj.html [] - "NEON and VFP Programming"

[] - "ARM NEON Optimization. An Example" (hi Nils!)
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Some links are dead.
Is there any C NEON (no ASM) optimization tutorials ?