Repair or upgrade?


Mar 14, 2007
My CC Pandora has developed a few minor issues, the purple screen tint (if the lid is not fully upright), and the case has a small crack on the upper lid.  I priced a new case at about 40 dollars shipped, but noticed the upgrade option can be done for under 100, which would up my RAM to 512 MB PLUS get me a shiny new case.  Since I need to have my unit repaired anyway, should I just go do the upgrade?  I've been using a swapfile for the few games that won't run without it (mostly World of Padman), but I've been happy with my performance other than N64, although I don't think I can justify paying the upgrade price difference for the 1GHZ when I could just buy an entirely new unit for just a couple extra hundred.  But paying under a hundred to have my unit fully repaired plus a bump up in RAM is it worth it?  I'm also a bit nervous shipping my unit all the way to Germany, I've only shipped overseas one other time and it took almost a month to reach it's destination, me and the person I shipped to were starting to worry!
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So you would be upgrading to a Rebirth, is that what you are trying to say ? Having more RAM is definitely very useful if you want to run applications like browsers, at least. If you are just gaming and if you don't really want to go for a 1Ghz (which I would recommend for gaming, but that's a different topic), not sure if upgrading really makes sense. But if it costs less than a 100... maybe you don't have to think too much about it.