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Oct 10, 2004
hey there

these times i use my gp every day since i easily get bored at work when i have to stay there 8 hours but there's only work to do for 3 :huh:

so i was playing my old favorite super marioland 2 - 6 golden coins on the game boy fgb32 again. it's one of those old grey palette games. i remembered some time ago i was playing this on the original game boy color and it made it look a lil bit nicer cuz it gave the game some colors (i dont know how much though, but at least the sky was blue and mario didnt look that sad anymore). so i was thinking is there an alternative emu out or will the function in one of the next fgb releases be involved that the old grey games can be played with the game boy color palette?

would be cool :)
that was a recompile to make things run smoother i believe, he didn't really change anything or add anything. You can change the grey scale color to something else, i know when i play pokemon pinball i like it in yellow. But then again its gameboy and the grey scale doesn't bother me that much.
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Rlyeh - Original porter.

Antiriad - Does splash screens and artwork for the scene.

Dmouse - Recompiled Rlyeh's code to make it run smoother.
uhh , just seen that nasty pic
anyway, thats my favorite GB mono game
I wish it could go color, but no, but there was a GBcolorizer program that can make games color, but you have to do each graphic in 4x4 squares like 5 times