Savegames and Opensnes9xgp


Still Fresh
Aug 4, 2003
Does anyone know if there's a way to load savegames that were saved in opensnes9xgp in other emulators? I want to continue the games I've saved on my GP32 on my PC, but I couldn't get it to work with Snes9x or ZSNES... I assume I could do it by using GeePee32 and then loading opensnes9xgp there, but isn't there an easier way?
I think... that if u take the save state from os9x and delete the last character of the extention, then it should open up as a state in zsnes. Cant quite remember tho. Im sure sum1 else will know.
You could always copy and paste the .SRM save. Or rename a savestate into ZSNES format (*.zs1, .zs2, etc.)