Sdl Libs V211006 And Sdl Test Program Thingy V1.5


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Jan 11, 2004
London, UK
SDL Libs is a new GP2X SDL library package I have put together which will be updated when necessary. It is useful for people that do not want to compile their own library as it takes a some time to do this, so my package is a good timesaver. It contains the most commonly used SDL libs such as Paeryns Hardware Accelerated SDL, SDL_Image, SDL_GFX, SDL_TTF etc. Music playback is handled through libmad and tremor for MP3 and OGG formats respectively in SDL_Mixer.

Full information on how to install these libs with devkitGP2X (they wont work with the official SDK) can be found in the GP2X User Guide here. It's fairly straightforward and you should be up and running in a few minutes. You can download SDL Libs v211006 here. As this is the first release there may be a couple of problems so please let me know if you run into any and I will try and sort them out.

I also updated SDL Test Program Thingy which is an example source code used in the user guide to test your setup. It also explains how to use some of the SDL functions so it may be of use if you are just starting out and need something to learn from. More information and the downloads can be found here.
sdltest.h seems to be missing. Can I use it on linux? I am currently using Paeryn's libs from oopo's toolchain can I overwrite with these files?
sorry, I somehow forgot to include it in the zip. I have submitted a new update to the archive and waiting for it to be accepted, in the meantime you can download it from my software homepage at

you can overwrite your old libs but I would only copy and overwrite the contents of the /lib/ and /include/ folders as the rest is for devkitGP2X. The next update I will clean everything up so it will be useable on all setups.