Sensi Soccer

I bet we've all tried fifa on drmd!

And what else can we play on a handheld, other than fifa psp?

But essentially I agree!!! Come on Konami..... just ISS PRO, and I'll be happy :D
I wouldnt piss on F**A if it was on fire.

Dino Dini's soccer on DrMD is great and I've been playing world soccer winning eleven on my DS via the GBA slot.

Wish my GP32 was a 166Mhz though......I'd be playing kick off 2
sensible GP32 posted on May 2 2005 at 06:25 PM said:
fifa? FIFA?
i actually nearly bought that for my psp........ until i came of the lsd

I bought it!

It's 'okay'. It's fifa-slow, buggy and not fluent.

I AM enjoying it though.....

6/10 (it's going down!)
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Give me Pro Evo any day. Has anyone tried fifa street - whats it like? some reviews online have been mixed to say the least.

Best footie game ever is Pro Evo on Gamecube, higer res and frames than PS2 :p

Best Fifa is 95 on MD - the goal celebrations are insane.
sensible GP32 posted on May 1 2005 at 08:37 PM said:

dont start this look!

kick off for me, (i masted it too so none of those naw you were just shit comments)
just wasnt as playable as sensible soccer, the control system was horibble and making a good tackle was insane,

sensible soccer was the nuts.

Sensible Soccer will be forever the best soccer game ever :)
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Kick Off 2 vs Sensible Soccer argument are all ok (I pick Sensi every time) but as the others say, 'that EA game' shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath.

No, 'that EA game' should never, ever be mentioned. Anyone who has tried it on DrMD needs to be poked with a stick.

Up the urethra.
Thank god theres no message board icon for that :p

(this little animated picture of someone shoving a stick up someones urethra)