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Apr 13, 2016
Will the first batch/pre-order Pyras' have serial numbers corresponding to order number? I think I'm about 750 in the queue, it would be nice to have some sort of provenance.

Edit: 785 (probably)
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Is there anyway to know where you are in the queue? I ordered 13:18 (German time) on 1st May, it would be fun to know a rough position :)
Is there anyway to know where you are in the queue? I ordered 13:18 (German time) on 1st May, it would be fun to know a rough position :)

See here:

By my reading that means you got number 262 or 263. But the queue will start first with the 200 pre-preorderers I think, so in the worst case your machine could be the 463th retail unit produced (but I'd be surprised if some of the first preorderers weren't also pre-preorderers, so their units will count towards your number, not delay it).

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The first 200 preorders including or excluding the prepreorders?
The first 200 are the pre-preorderers. The build order should be those 200 then the first preorderer who didn't use a pre-preorder voucher, then the next and so on.
Thanks! So cool :) I went for a standard 4GB so, yeah 262 or 263. :)

How many other products let you see a TXT file of the pre-order queue. It's great fun being part of Pyra.
Hopefully it's not a hassle, I pre-ordered a Win but that's a generic plasticky thing that'll be dead in a couple of years, if I can look my pyra in 10 years and prove it came from the first batch..... all the better.
Oh yeah, number 4
I'm the 8th one in the Pyra queue I'm in... and last one in the Pyra queue I'm in... I'm not so sure if there will be any serial numbers... the product identification sticker may very well be a hand written post-it note stuck behind the battery... my one unit order cost several times more than 4 of the 8 automobiles I've owned in my lifetime... a numbered & signed circuit board did not come with my order... I'm still dreaming of getting it by the 1 year anniversary of my fully pre-paid order from October 19th, 2015... I ordered days after the low number pre-pre-orders listed above but should get mine somewhat sooner... I'm not even sure if my order is included in the calculated numbers for the images thread...


Back to waiting - though it is becoming more difficult to be patient.
hey grench, i'm sure you'll get a super-rare, excellent built, rugged-cased proto-pre-pre-pre-order pyra one with extra candy, kisses and flowers added!
because you deserve it as a prototype orderer! :)
so every cent well spent i would say. i can't wait any longer too, as i'm about ordernumber #360!
all the best!
Maybe prototype orders can get letters, or be numbered in binary shown as a byte or something. Or ED writing it behind the battery would be cool, imo (and signed main board since they missed out on the signed dummy ones).
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ahhh... i was wondering how to figure that out...
There I am, lowly 896

Total preorders: 896 [634 networked; 15 2GB, 881 4GB] {Stand2GB: 10, Stand4GB: 252, US2GB: 1, US4GB: 186, EU2GB: 4, EU4GB: 443} @ 2016-10-01 21:30:06 CEST
"Placed on 05/1/2016 00:37:26"

Dunno where that puts me, though I think it was somewhere around 60.

Here's hoping for #256. Or #255, if there's a #0 out there.
ok so help me out here. i placed my order at 05/1/2016 00:08:04. where does that place me? i cant seem to find it in there
The recorded stats don't start until 2AM on that first day, so unless you have a time machine we can only make a rough estimate, assuming you're using german time (but a US date format - weird!). At 2AM preorders were at 134, so including the 200 pre-preorderers who are guaranteed the first 200 units, at most you'd be #334, but probably much closer to #230 given how soon after things opened you preordered.
5:07 pm US time on april 30th. i belive that it is a 7hr time diffrence from here to there