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Apr 15, 2011
Here is mine:


Shelf was free, but im pretty sure it came from ikea.

Desk homemade from ikea parts.

Bonus for guessing what the black square in the top right corner is.

Native Instruments Audio control 1 (in frame)

Sennheiser MKH 805 (in frame) Mounted on modded lamp.

Bonus for guessing what the gray box in frame is.

Sennheiser MKH 815T mounted to hammerlacquer chest.

HP 27" 1080p removed coating and bezel.

Dell U2410p  removed antiglare, buffed down, removed bezel and added controls back.

LG panel from ipad3 with rozsnyo display board extended on a tablet arm.

AKG K551 on custom aluminium hanger extending off the top of the monitor.

Topping D2

Pioneer SA-7300

Homebuilt DAC

Empty alu box

Celestion 5 speakers

CST 2545W-RC trackball

Steelseries 6Gv2 cherry mx black with orings, low-profile doubleshots/metal/ some novelty keycaps. Built up.

Rebirth openpandora

Pentax Q10 with C-mount lens

Sungod classic sunglasses

Logitech webcam pouch with monies, keys and cards.

Underneath the desk there is a inbuilt shelf with:

Abrahamsen V6.0 DAC

Denon DCD-425 cd player (havent used it yet)

Denon DRA-275RM receiver

Stinky footboard

Custom PC

Stinky footboard
Photo taken with xperia active phone, will use the real camera next time.

What does your PC setup look like?

Do you have a console-game setup?

Want to show which items you carry around with you?

Give help and hints. Share your own.
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Oct 6, 2008
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Very uninviting title by the way.

I don't think I have a wide enough lens to take a picture of my setup. I have an old HP Pentium III desktop for most of my home work, but it mostly runs headless, only occasionally connected to its monitor on the other side of the room when it fails to connect via wireless. It also serves as a very stable base for my record player. I mostly access it on my very war torn Eee PC over the network in a different room.

Edit: Better title.
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Jun 10, 2003
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This is a good excuse to show off my new set up :p

I have my newly built gaming PC (i5 4690, R9280x 3GB, etc)

a cheap old 1080p Acer monitor

CMStorm Trigger keyboard

Razer Naga mouse with Goliathus pad

I have a Nexus 7 which I use in lack of a 2nd monitor at the moment

I've got my Audio Technica M50 cans (with no audiocard or amp at the moment which creates a massive white-noise nightmare)

Finally I've got a few audio CDs, a pocket knife, keys, and a cleaning cloth lying around as well.

You can (probably) see that I am running Windows atm, don't shoot me! I am playing games 75% of the time, but I will be going for a dual boot solution soon.

Photo also taken with a bad mobile camera (HTC One M8)

I also have a TV set up with a Wii and a PS4 along with an android on a stick system, but I cannot be stuffed cleaning it up to take a photo of it :p
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Jan 18, 2010
Well my six year old gaming desktop is pretty generic, nothing to really see..

I do have different computers setup around the house, don't have pictures of all of them on hand while I'm at work, but I'll share the one I like the best.

My retro gaming setup is comprised of a huge 36" RCA CRT TV monitor, I bought it 14 years ago and just last year after not being used for seven years or so I moved it into my basement for my retro gaming needs.. This TV is pretty cool it has two SVGA inputs ( 800x600 ), Component 480p, 720i(not supported by anything) a ton of other AV ports and USB 1.1 ports in the front( great for plugging in USB controllers ).. The picture quality on it still looks amazing for a CRT.

Don't have a picture yet of the consoles hitched to it, but it was shown in use on the Starcraft video I uploaded..

Attached to this TV:

- My old 3DFX era gaming desktop. AMD K6 III 400MHz, 256MBs of ram, 3DFX Voodoo 3500TV video card, Running Windows 98.. ( Great for playing games of the period, Mechwarrior III, Carmageddon I/II, DOS games the Pandora can't quite handle.)

- Rebirth Pandora, hitched semi-permanently ( running sans-battery )

- Sega Dreamcast (toggle between SVGA and svideo as it seems not all games support VGA output)

- N64 ( with Doctor64Jr - using PC to send roms to memory)

- Wii

- Original XBox ( or as I call it my KOTOR machine )

- Gamecube w/GBA player

- Sega Genesis



- Atari 7800

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Apr 27, 2014
Hmm... I think I might make a post later today or tomorrow about my setup.  There are still some things that need to be arranged.  

-Glyph Reader


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Oct 18, 2010
Sorry for the lack of update but it hasn't happened.  The desks that were perfect for me from IKEA which was the Galant got discontinued and I have been awaiting for the new line the bekant which was released this week. 

Will be grabbing the desks on the weekend but it really threw a spanner in the works and well I went onto other things.
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Nov 5, 2009
Damnit Strigoi....that picture is clever. I'll give you that, just for the simpsons reference and what it meant. Could use some work though, it's not covering up anything :/


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Oct 18, 2010
Ok heres my dual battlestation.   Still awaiting 2 more monitors to come in from dell and I need to get some tubing for the cables but it is mostly done. Sorry about the blurry pics but I will post more when completely finished.  I was also thinking of putting up my framed metroid poster in the middle of the room. What do you think I can change the LED's colour to red easy enough as that colossus machine on the bottom right has a pushbutton to goto red.


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Apr 15, 2011

Just finished my usb dreamcast controller project. With raphnet technologies BRD-DC-USB

Plays out well, all the space left from controller cards there is no support for, can be utilized to make for a cable position that isnt in the way.

Can use regular usb or micro on the PC end by just reversing the cable and doing without the adapter that sits in the USB port of the dreamcast controller.


This is the image i was going to use, a little better image, but all in all i think what it needs is a coat of paint.
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Oct 22, 2014

No picture of my desktop, too messy.

A decent sized 24inch monitor. and a 14 inch screen as secondary.

Computer is strong enough to play most games out there, a little old not to game all at full graphics, byt skyrim goes on ultra ;-)

A 3DS is resting in its charging cradle, wireless headphones, Samsung S4 is here too.

Oh, and here's a pic of my Panda setup :D

Wireless Microsoft Wedge bluetooth kayboard, wireless Logitech mouse, and a old 600gb external hdd ;-)

(not to forget the laptop there running ubuntu, also i have a ipad2)

2014-10-27 04.55.18.jpg


Feb 16, 2012
I'll have to clean up a bit. I've got a newly built gaming pc; specs are similar to moz's build. I've got an old 24" hdtv, but I'll look at some monitors. Probably get a 20-24" 1920x1080.
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Apr 15, 2011
From to


So i bought a bunch of keyboards bulk from ebay. What i shouldnt have done was buy a lot of keyboards bulk from ebay.

Maybe someone can learn something from my tribulations.

Pic related is keyboard, but the picture is borrowed.

PS/2 keyboards can be used with an adapter.

What i got was an assortment of "what did i buy now" The best of which was an old mechanical acer with alps. Made 9-15 march 1991.

Truly the best of the bunch, it was dirty and missing one foot. I had crashed all of them, along with my bike and me, and the postal office hadnt been kind to them either.

Cleaning the keys first, i only later found it to be non-functional too. Woop-de-do.

Upon opening it proved to have suffered waterdamage, and an attempt at repair.

Cleaning off just the bottom corrosion left it at flaky. Back in the shelf.

Then i got some switches from the open stenotype project. Cool tactile alps. Feels very fast. Acuates easily, and without the hump. This may be the first keyboard to feature them, as they are quite new.


With plate-mounted keyboards you dont get access to the top-side of the PCB.


So it was either spray with electro-cleaner, or de-solder all the switches holding the montingplate and PCB together.

Since i couldnt find the electro-cleaner today, i went with desoldering. And then cleaned the top-side of the PCB by hand.


Said and done, its much faster to solder back in. And since i didnt care to test it with jumpers when it was bare, i gambled on it working. I checked one button and that was it.


And that worked really well, the flakiness was no more, and everything was good. Except  L S X 2  . and left shift and insert. And my hopes of a quick fix.

Confirmed with the xev program, nothing at all.


So then i spent a good amount of time regretting having been an idiot, while i traced the PCB to look for clues. And yes, all those keys were connected at one end with eachother.

But all of this looked fine, and it was. My journey ended in some pads going to the other side of the PCB, which, you guessed it, was now out of reach since the switches were soldered back in.


Back around the other side, the controller-side, there was no visually damaged things. A lot of corrosion left behind meant some even deeper-cleaning and scraping.

Generally looking for a broken connection, but it could have been a short too, these keyboards will stop printing if you hold down enough keys and then press something. No NKRO. Need more diodes for that.


So then i tried my diode-test (the one that makes sound) on the multimeter from each of the controller-pins, to the nearest pad. Finding the way is a bit tricky, since all buttons are routed in a bit of a mess. But you cant have false positives, if it beeps there is a connection, and there has to be. Negatives means the fault is yet to be found, or located.


It proved to be somewhere part of the lacquer on the PCB had been scraped off. The trace looked fine, but it wasnt. Half of it was connected back to the controller, the other half going someplace else.


I was a little bit ready to scrap it at this point, because i didnt know if . was connected to the rest, so if i had two faults, i could be fixing the one, and still be left with the other.


So i played what-connects-to-what from the trace for a while till i heard it beep again. A few jumps later, and we were at .  then from there to the rest of the erronous keys, which i knew worked just fine.

So between my pad and the other side, there werent any components to worry about, atleast not that i could measure or think of.


One via later, albeit a very long one, and things started working. Washing the case. Closing up the case and fiddling the stabelizers together. And then figuring out where all the keys go.


Yes, "making" the layout took forever, haha :)

Edit: All typed on acer model 6012.
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Dec 14, 2012

So some people prefer not to post theirs because it is a mess. Well mine is. And I am chaotic too.

The more interesting. Let me explain parts of the picture.

First we have a screen, it is a ProLite E2710HDSD, the one without HDMI... but with a DVI-HDMI convertor, it just works fine. The good thing is that it has this button to switch, so you can plug in a laptop on the VGA and I can work with a big screen. Nice.

The desk features a teacup, and some snacks. Jup. I eat while I program. The mitten is because I also was cooking. It could also help type on the keyboard. The keyboard is a genuine Commodore. It looks dated, it is, but it is one fine piece of equipment. There is also a pandora, with q-tip, which I use to clean it, and a controller, still in the box... you know... no time...

Lower you will notice a minitower, with a disk, upright, connected. It is my old drive, which in december started giving SMART errors. A month ago, there were unrecoverable read errors. It took only 4 years to die. I tried installing other distro's, but in the end, I somehow come back to Debian with KDE. Finally I have a 64 bits OS, as the previous upgrade was done with dd (lazy, lazy...). Next to it is a color laser, on top of it a few USB harddisks. Fast and cheap. Going up a bit again, youll see a cheap headphone, and a flatbed scanner.

On the shelves, top left you can make out Sim tower, top right you can see my first own-bought mouse, a GM-F303. They came in boxes then; with a mousepad, CAD software, drivers, converters and could switch between modes (IBM and PS/2). Still works of course, but it is too blocky, and uncomfortable compared to todays rounded mouses.

One shelf down is a electrical mosquito killer, very important for me, they flock to the screen, then onto me.

Then one down again is some mags and books, lego usb sticks. Down again is a carkitholder for the pandora, the plasma ball, an harmonica, and several CD's/DVD's.

In the back is the kitchen, a fruit juicer (not in view are the baskets with fruits), the iron, and a pig's leg (Spanish Serrano ham). My apologies to the Vegetarian and Vegan users on the board. I'm trying to cut down on meat... back to the machine. I have all apparatuses connected to a switch, which I turn off as to not use electricity when I am not there. The system uses 160 watt (PC and monitor and a small light).

Through wine I have notepad++, where I spend a lot of time in. I have some old directories of the Sphere Game Engine, where I did some fiddling on, but have been too lazy to port it to Pandora.

Sphere is a game engine not unlike Verge/Ika, with Spidermonkey/Javascript bindings. It makes for a great JS Engine (sans the DOM) allowing from ImageMagick like manipulations, to running testcases for Javascript functions. But has sound generators, Particle engines, some simple 3d which can run together with 2d. Of course, the best feature is the map engine, allowing FF3/GoldenSun type of games. When running, it maxes out your CPU... that is why it is not particulary fit for a HH.
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Feb 2, 2009
Kaub, RLP, Germany
Now that's the type of clean desk I like :)

Photo taken with random mobile phone. won't use real camera, deal with it.

> What does your PC setup look like?

something like the one in that picture

> Do you have a console-game setup?

yes, a WiiU right between the screens and an SNES below the desk, not connected and without any controllers left

> Want to show which items you carry around with you?

dang, I knew I forgot to take one picture or another. I carry around with me at all times (apart from the usual stuff that everybody does like keys and such) earplugs, headphones, and a USB cable

> Give help and hints. Share your own.

former only if I'm paid, the latter I done so just now :)