Some Way To Help


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Mar 4, 2004
i was thinking if some of you want to help
you could have a look at

that s just an idea ...that could be used for other gp32 projects to show
you like the project ... but well ... maybe it s not a good idea ...

just delete this post if it s not a good idea ;)
Hmm sounds *too* good to be true -

what do they get out of it?

(ohh yeah its just like those nice guys *the pyramid* sales stuff)

I guess you'll never get $50 per month so they never have to pay!

I never like money for free scams or any too good to be true offers or am I just too cynical for my own good?

If it works for you good luck and prove me wrong

ps if you can get a payment out of them let me know and I'll get the Ketchup for my hat ;)

someone told me it works
i will keep you informed
i guess it will take 2 months for me to get 50$, but i will be on vacations the next month ... so it will take 3 months ;)
and then you have the tax for currency change $ -> € and the tax for paypal [ if you withdraw less than 100 € ]
If you didn`t notice, there is already a discussion about this in the off-topic forum. ake a look there, and you may come to the conclusion, that it`s bullshit. (atleast I think that)