Still Own A Gpx2 F200 And Happy


Still Fresh
Sep 12, 2010
Hi All,

I have been considering a Wiz and now Caanoo for some time but I am really not motivated. Sure the Wiz and Caanoo are great hardware improvements and in my opinion the Caanoo is the best device GPH have released, but the all important step up in Emulation performance I just dont see as being that great.

The standouts for me are:

1) Amiga
2) GBA

Generally the emus on the F200 are pretty much mature to the point they dont need any changes.

I am not convinced with that a hardware jump I will see a real performance improvement in the games I play often.

Am I wrong
I've been in the same position for a while too. However, I do think the wiz/caanoo would be better for gba and snes. I know both have trouble with some games on the gp2x. Metroid on gp2x I know can't be played well with all graphics enabled and without frameskip messing things up. I know there are others I've just gotten used to playing the ones that do work and avoiding the ones that don't work so well.

There are a pretty good amount of gba and snes games that do work well on the gp2x though.
I was also happy with my GP2X (or at least I did not think the Wiz was worth another purchase). However, I think you are looking in the wrong direction. Pandora not Cannoo delivers the step up in emulation that you are looking for. SNES is really fast (even the SFX I und II games run well except for Stunt Race FX) and Amiga 500 emulation is almost solid (it is fast and compatible with most games but lacks saves states and an option for speeding up loading times). Pandora is much faster than the Cannoo and when the emulators get better the difference will be very visible.
I would mostly agree about speed.
Don't remember well, but I think some wiz emuls were performing the same as GP2X or not slightly more, which was counterintuitive concerning the expected from the difference in the mhz speed.

I remember I was overclocking Mame to the maximum on GP2X, 270 was mine. And suddenly street fighter 2, metal slug, etc were smooth. I play now Sf2 on wiz mame, and cannoo. On wiz I overclock at 700 and finally it's the same smooth as in gp2x 270. In cannoo not being able to overclock yet, 533 it has slowdowns. Maybe I don't remember well and I have to dig my GP2X again and do these comparisons.

Same with SNES. There were some improvements lately but I can't compare. In gp2x 270 overclocked, F-zero with blending and all enabled was making 20fps. The same exactly on Wiz at 700. Now the latest snes has improved it to 30-35fps iirc.

I don't know, a memory bottleneck?

I think only Amiga is slightly faster, I don't remember to being able to play amiga very well in gp2x, there is an improvement. GBA is also exactly the same as in GP2X I think. I might have to revive my GP2X and check though. I remember it was impressive on GP2X and it's for the Wiz too.

I have only seen improvements that make sense with the difference of mhz speed, in Quake2 port (crawling like hell in GP2X, finally playable in Wiz) and also my own demos, pure graphics test, soft 3d engine, yes there was 2.5x to 3x increase.

Though, if emulation is almost the same and sometimes slightly improved, Wiz or Cannoo are better than GP2X, because they have improved controls and also longer battery. I remember I didn't enjoyed playing emuls much on GP2X because after 2,5 hours my baterry was dead :p

I am not sure if I prefer the stick of Caanoo. It's cute and feels good but I have a hard time playing street fighter 2. Maybe I am not used to analog sticks. I still prefer playing some of the games in the wiz. Puzzle Bobble though feels great with the caanoo stick. Also, I think the touch is better and the accelerometer interesting. And I love the screen and overall feeling of the device!
Its not a perfectly clear picture, but the gp2x F100 is often the performance winner.. but not always; Either way, the Wiz and Caanoo are not performance champsions over the gp2x line all the time (sometimes yes, sometimes no.) So picking up the newer device is not about the performance. Its about ergonomics.. controls, screen, feal, pocketability, etc.

F-zero has 50 to 60 fps all the time on the wiz. same thing for mariokart.

SNES EMU on the wiz is a lot faster than gp2x. believe me.

set snes emu at 800 mhz, use audio hack, transparency off. and near all games are 60 fps all the time. ven yoshie island run pretty well.but not star fox. i have a gp2x . and pocketsnes for gp2x really suck vs Wiz. when playing f-zero and mariokart i dont see any frameskip. i cant see the difference between 53fps and 60 fps. so all runs completly smooth

and gba really better on the wiz too. mariokart run a lot better on wiz than gp2x.
sonic advance run better too