Succesfully repaired my Pandora


Sep 12, 2006
Quebec, Canada
Yep, I,ve succesfully managed to repair, by myself, my Panda.

I've changed the whole case and the lcd cable. Looks like a new one now!

If anyone needs help/tips with repairing their panda, throw me a PM. Easy as hell if you know how to do it !
Oh and btw, It's the second time. I did a repair job on it in past september for the same reasons.
Yeah, I need to replace my LCD cable. Picture just keep geet worse worse. A long explanation and maybe a video would be nice.
^ beat me to it.

ED's professional video shows how to do it in under 20 minutes (no film cuts). Following this, I did it myself successfully, although I did crush my first two LCD cables when refitting the clamshell back together. At 12:50 ED makes it look easy, you have to make sure the "row" is comfortably in before pushing with any force at all. Other than that I think the assembly is quite straightforward due to good design.

Straightforward does not mean effortless or risk-free, so make sure you are OK with making mistakes on your own Pandora. Though there's not a lot of important stuff you can seriously damage on accident I think, just the microphone, lcd cable (which can be replaced), and wifi cable.
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Yeah I just watched the video. A littlle too complicated for me. I am afraid I would screw up my Pandora if I tried it. Lots of things to lose

and break. I may just send it in to Ed for repair when my Pandora is totally un-watchable.
And the plastic case when trying to get apart the lid. Important to say it. I've took no chance, and changed the plastic case either times I changed my lcd cables