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If a KS project is cancelled, do they have to give all of the money back?
Money isn't deducted from your credit card until after the KS project end date and only if it's successfull

At least that's what I have been told
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ah of course, yes you're right, I should know that considering how many things I've backed really
Yeah, I just wonder what happens when the kickstarter campaign is funded and they don't manage to build the product later...
^ According to KS rules the company must refund the money to you if they cannot deliver
If they loose it all, those rules won't matter. They will file insolvency and the people won't ever get back their money.

I think thats the risk of it.
That's the risk with anything you buy though. There's always the risk of a company going bankrupt between the time you pay and you getting an item. Happened to a local retail chain here, people paid for tvs etc which were to be delivered by the store and the next they went into bankruptcy and no one got there goods