The Random Thoughts Thread


Apr 26, 2011
I had a thread like this on another forum, and people posted very frequently in it.. I haven't seen a thread like this so I figure I'd start one.

Just post whatever is on your mind :D I guess this could also be used to post some questions that don't really deserve a seperate thread..

I wonder if the headphone jack of the pandora being on the front will hinder listening to music with it in my pocket...
I wonder if the headphone jack of the pandora being on the front will hinder listening to music with it in my pocket...
Use a right-angle headphone adapter if your headphones have a straight plug. Trust me on that one.

(I'm now having to buy some Sugru to add extra strain-relief to mine, because I didn't do this and the cable covering eventually popped out of the existing strain-relief - no damage to the wires inside, thankfully!)
Oh, question;

Has anyone tried The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall on Dosbox on the Pandora?
I was hoping wires wouldn't be needed for audio but despite good BT playback via Exaile to speakers, Pandora just wont pair with BT headphones and currently only a few players support BT anyway. One day...
random thought: i just bought a second pandora (while my first one is flying to england, to get lcd repaired). I will probably give it to my nephew (10-year-old boy) when it gets back, whom i already gave my gp2x. He's very much like me, a techie boy.

Question: what would you do to make pandora "kid-friendly"?
Probably make sure most of the game's icons are there, maybe make some stuff read-only...
Random thought: I'm constantly constipated even though I get enough fiber (greens, etc) in me.

try eating some bad meat or old milk, should run right through you. Or you could try a good hot curry, like a Phall. Now that would run right through you!
Random Thought: I feel like I'm surrounded by idiots. (Not on this forum, you guys rock, I mean IRL.)
Random Thought: I want to start work on a Zelda style game I designed based on The Neverending Story. Although I'd need a team of about 20 and several thousand Pounds to do so. I suppose that'll be put on the 'TODO' list
Random Thought: I'm performing on stage for the first time this Sunday, I'm quite nervous! (I play guitar in a band, only been playing on and off since November)
Random thought: I wish the morons in charge of maintenance at my apartment complex at the Institute would clean the washers every now and again so that my supposedly clean clothes would not smell like rancid monkey arsehole.
Random thought: I wish that I had not been exposed to the notion of someone's clothes smelling like rancid monkey arsehole.
Random thought: Man, I wish I could have another writing idea soon. I miss writing stories.
When they finally finish building the cable for the space elevator I am leaving this rock and moving to my own space colony. I am taking my Pandora with me, because space can be really boring. I really want to know how the latency on my internet will be though. I think I might park myself in orbit around Jupiter, but I don't know because Earth is also really cool to look at. And I will be able to watch you guys fight it out for resources. I hope that I don't have to eat freeze dried food. Some of it is good, but it is generally really shitty. I wonder if we can make computers without help from earth. I know I am going to bring an asteroid closer to earth and mine it, I promise that I will give you guys a good deal on computer parts.

I wonder when my math homework will start to apply to my programming hobby. I need an oil change in my car. I wonder if I can get a cheap bumper from the junk yard. If I get a new one I can tow that sailboat to the lake, but I would have to fix the boom. I can't wait to own a real seagoing sailboat, I better win the lottery first though.

But above all...

I wonder when my Pandora will arrive... I haven't heard any news on the forums lately. I hope there are no more delays.