US buyer looking for pandora.


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Sep 18, 2013
Hello I've wanted one for years.. and I finally have an mediocre amount of money to blow on purchasing one.. 300 max.  I know I could buy a classic from dragon for that price.. But if somebody has a rebirth, or something that'd be awesome. I have no problem purchasing a CC unit if its priced right.( its 300 including shipping btw.) I know pandora's aren't cheap.. I know that for a fact. I'm hoping somebody has one they wouldn't mind off loading to somebody who has always wanted one since he heard of it a few years ago :wub:
I contacted him. He's going to see what he has. An ebay auction I was following went from in my price range to HOLY CRAP area. a black CC pandora went from 200 to 305 in a page refresh. That's why I don't like ebay. I hope somebody here or Link pulls through.  It's been a dream to have a pandora for quite some time. I hope somebody has one up for sale. But I have faith in the community. Something will turn up. They always do. :)
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I have a rebirth edition that I'm getting ready to post to ebay... though I'm hoping for a little more than $300 since I need to offload a spare battery with it as well.  Let me know if you're interested.