USB Arcade Joysticks - Anyone got any recommendations?


Mar 7, 2011
So I was given some cash for Christmas (Santa obviously realised I'd been extra good this year) and I think I'd like to buy a decent quality arcade stick. I'm thinking of USB as I'd use it mostly on my PC, but if could also use it on my PS3 or my 360, all the better.

Anyone got one? Anyone got any opinions? Anyone? Class? Anyone?
I've been really happy with my Mad Catz stick & adapter as per this thread it's a great bit of kit that used to retail for approx £70, the windows drivers that come with the adapter are very useful, allowing you to easily reconfigure buttons etc.

Sugar Kane also posted that he had custom built arcade sticks for sale, not sure if he still does.
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Thanks for the recommendations and links.

I've decided to go for the 360 version of Street Fighter Round 2 Tournament Edition as it appears to plug and play with W7, contains the better components and we'd on special offer at The hut for less than £100. The MRP is £150 and most places are selling it for about £120.

I'll review it when it arrives on about the 5th!