Usb Wifi Adapters Work On Pandora ?


Aug 12, 2003

I want to buy one tiny wifi dongle but i don't know which one. ( i want the best :) )

What is the tiny wifi dongle evildragon use on his daily video to connect internet with pandora ?

Can you give me the list of the wifi dongle that can be used with pandora ?

The Pandora doesn't have support for wifi dongles. I mean, in theory it does, the hardware can support them, but the kernel wasn't built with any of the drivers. In order to use a wifi dongle, you'd have to get the kernel source code (which is available), configure it yourself to add your wifi dongle, and then build it. Other than that, pretty much any wifi dongle currently supported by linux should work. May need a USB2.0 compatible hub.
The reason there is no wifi dongle support in the Pandora kernel is because it has its own built in wifi, and the drivers that would otherwise have been installed are basically useless and just wasting space that could be used for other, more important things. It is this built in wifi that EvilDragon uses in his videos, not a dongle.
I saw hitnrun mention in a recent thread on this matter in (I think) General Talk [Pandora] that he was able to plug in a TP-Link USB WiFi dongle and it worked - however, upon looking for a picture of these devices, I don't think this would necessarily fall under the definition of "tiny".
You don't need to build a new kernel, you can build a kernel module and load it. Surely someone who is well prepared to do this (like notaz) can post a binary.