Using the pandora as an wifi-repeater?


Oct 18, 2010
The idea is using the pandora as an wifi-repater.
I have sometimes problems with the wifi-signal in hotels or apartments.

It would be great, if I could use the pandora with the build in AND an USB-wifi as a wifi-repeater for my laptop or smartphone.

Is it possible?
In a regular linux is esily done with hostapd.

In pandora I guess Arch is your best option to get it installed and working.
Thanks for your answers, but install a new linux-system is not what i want. Is there a solution for SuperZaxxon?
Check if you can install hostapd with ipkg (Zaxxon/Angstrom's package manager).

Here's also a NAT script that you can tweak and run, if Zaxxon's kernel has the right modules.
You may also make it more secure.


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Indeed slackware may work as well or better than arch. Really I just said arch because came to mind to be a more or less up-to-date alternative ditstro on pandora.

About using stock firmware. I won't advise. Old repositories if not abandoned totally, almost no space left on the flash, conflicts with already installed libraries ...

I talk from experience, I have broken my superzaxxon installation a couple of times plying with opkg.
Slackware is the only alternate OS having 100% hardware/functionality working :^) .
@Palmiga Your first test is if you can put your Wifi Dongle into "master" (Access PointMode / promiscuous listening) mode:

sudo su
iwconfig --help
iwconfig wlanX
iwconfig wlanX mode master

Where X=0 for internal wifi and X=1 for a USB Wifi.

I did not manage even with my aetheros dongle (neither with the build-in wifi). It could be because iwconfig is an older version and even misses some commands

Unfortunately, to make a bridge... you need brctl (which I could not find for SZ)
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Thank you, @notaz !

opkg update; opkg install bridge-utils
Now for a dongle that DOES support it...

handy link (iw v/s equivalent iwconfig commands):

But it seems "master" mode can only be reached with a special userspace program that can be compiled, instructions here (but need to go to bed now, as work is very demanding and need to start at 7 tomorrow):

My x86 Debian distro gives a bit more helpful information:
root@devuan:~# iw wlan0 set type master
You need to run a management daemon, e.g. hostapd,
for more information on how to do that.

While the same USB wifi dongle gives this on the Pandora:
pandy~# iwconfig wlan1 mode master
Error for wireless request "Set Mode" (8B06) :
   SET failed on device wlan1 ; Invalid argument.

All required commands in a row:
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