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May 23, 2004
Matthews, NC USA
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To those GP32'ers who love animals,

It is with utmost sadness in my heart that I relate that my wife and I witnessed the passing of one our beloved cats, Thor. Thor was a seven year old ginger tabby who loved loved three things in this world: food, love, and friends. His passing has left a hole in our hearts, and he will always be remembered. As a way of honoring him, I have chosen him as my avatar, that others might gaze upon him and see his reflection in their own pets.

When I first met Thor, our initial meeting was unstable at best, as he immediately hid under the kitchen counter to avoid me. This was Thor's usual routine, as he did not like individuals he did not recognize. Despite the fact he was not always the most adept at solutions, he was quite adept at "his" solutions.

Nevertheless, one day I caught him sleeping completely relaxed upon the carpet and began stroking his belly ever so softly (a very sensitive area to most animals). He awoke to this and was not sure how to react; though finally accepting the action with a loud purr. From that point on, we were good friends, and Thor realized that resting beside me would equal a belly rub.

Though he always remained my wife's cat by nature (her call initiated an immediate response), We had a deep friendship, as he would always share his affection equally between my wife and I. I will never forget his gentle pawing at my arm for attention, or his deep meow demanding I pet him immediately. His trust became so firm as to demand attention from strangers, as long as another family member was present. More than anything, Thor wanted to be loved upon.

Thor's love extended not only to humans, but to other animals. Despite their constant annoyance, Thor maintained a close bond with our deceased ferrets. He seemed to understand that though they were different, they attempted to relate on their own terms. Upon their passing, he would sit in the spot where there cage was placed, as if to beckon their return. Though he finally accepted their absence, it was clear he loved them always.

In the same vein, Thor loved the other cats as well. His big sister Scootie has only begun to understand that he is no more for this world, and his little brother Frost misses being chased. The remaining cats clearly miss Thor's loving persona, though they have done well to adapt (as typical per cats). Indeed, all of us pine for Thor, for he was truly one of a kind...

In memory of our beloved Thor,

I'm very sad to hear of your loss. We live with 2 feline companions (Jake & Elwood Blues .. the Blues Bros.), and consider them members of our family.

My sincere condolences... :(
Damn bro, I'm really sorry to hear that. I've got 2 cats myself so I know its rough. Again im very sorry to hear about your loss
My cat had 21 kittens (Not all at once), but there was this one that every one really liked, and then some fucker poisned it! Man I hated that guy.
My cat (ffs i typed kat then) had 6 kittens; we kept 1 and gave the rest away to various people. Then the cat (nearly did it again :() had another 6 kittents. We did the same... then the cat (ffs i cant do this) we kept originally got killed by a cyclist on the pavement. :(. Now we have sooty... the bastard cat from hell!
I live aside a busy street. Average cat keeping time: 6 months :(
One time my Ex girlfriends cat got killed while we were in her house. I hate it when your girlfriend cries, your like WTF am I supposed to do now?
My cat lived with me (and was older) until I was thirteen. In cat years she was over a hundred. It was horrible te way she died, it made my mum cry loads. She started to lose her mind before she died. Her deteration beofre death was extremely depressing. I can honestly say I loved that cat.
my condolences. the cat that lives here (as i certainly do not POSSESS her) is very much like how you described Thor -- she's very careful when meeting new people, always hiding somewhere until she can be sure it's safe to be around them, and even then she doesn't really let people to touch her (well, maybe when she's sleepy and doesn't bother to run away).
once I had a cat with crooked eye-sight. It would run towards y ou and then suddenly would turn away and rund into something. One day she ran into a car :(
:( My cat is blind, well sort of, you can put food in front of him and he takes about 30 seconds to notice it :)

Then he got hit by a truck.
I love cats.. there is this fat cat that comes in and eats sooties (out cats) food.. he is cool tho ^_^.

Tommorow im gonna walk down beverly road and look for that dog i keep seeing (its a stray bitch... and it looks in a bad way... loss of fur and stuff... had a go at my mum for being a bitch and saying I couldnt bring it home so tommorow I will try). Anyways rar :)

Thats too bad man, sorry to hear it.

My house is a house of cat lovers too although we only possess one cat at the's kinda scary that he's bigger than my dog.
My uncle's cat jumped on a labarador head and scratched his eyeballs out completely, then it started scrathing out it's brain. The dog had to be put down. :(