What are you playing this weekend/these days?


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Mar 11, 2003
Tell us what retro/current game you're playing, and tell us a little bit about it :)

Need not be Pandora/etc specific; maybe you're retrogaming on xbox or PC ..

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I actually haven't been playing many video games since I RMA'd my Pandora. :(

But there's this, Mars TD Plus. A Japanese tower defense game. Possibly one of the best in existence. You don't need to know the language to play it. It doesn't run on the Pandora, unfortunately.
For my part, I don't have much time and am looking for somethign to maybe play; I've not touched much Atari 8bit in a long time. I'm tempted to try to identify a bunch of games I played on Vic-20 as a kid (bought on taqpe casette.. eep!) Or maybe I'll go back to my quest to beat Time Bandits (Atari ST, Amiga.)

Time Bandits is sort of like Gauntlet - top down maze run and gun, working your way floor by floor to higher scores. The trick is that Time Bandits actually predates Gauntlet, so Gauntlet is not the first game of its type as peopel tend to think.

Left4Dead single player , most days on expert.

Wonderful game due to the random engine it has, different every time. I doubt anyone can finish a campaign on expert every time due to that.
BattleJewels , Odyssey2- U.F.O , Temper - Y's / Dracula-X , Nestopia - Crystalisis ,

PCSX ReARMed r8 - Donald Duck Going Quackers

Still can't put the Pandora down ....Bud
On Pandora: Super Geometry Dust, DOSBox Master of Magic (4 opponents, impossible, one-time cheat at start to max gold & mana (momedit)).

Off Pandora: Neverwinter Nights on the AventiaG servers.
On Pandora Mostly Aleph One: Marathon

PC: been all over the place.. Dragon Age Origins, Borderlands and yes even Duke Nukem Forever(needed to play just for closure).
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At the moment, Mega Man ZX Advent, for the DS (played on my 3DS, naturally :p ).
GTA 4 Episodes from Liberty City, The Ballade of Gay Toni (isnt this a real long title???) (PC WIN 7)

Sience i own a new Notebook now which is powerfull enought for this Game, and its realy great, i played the first mission from Yusuf, in which i have to steal an Bussard helicopter from a boat, and beside the missions its also funny: you can alot of awesome things do..

Plants vs Zombies (Nintendo DSI Ware on 3DS)

Finaly i have the Gamecard to by some E-Shop games, P vs z too, and its a lot fun, simple, but great "brians!!!"

The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 3DS)

I just got the Bigoron Swort, it was a bit close whit the time, but i have beat the time, and now i have the sword who is twice as big as link..

Yoshis Island GBA (Openpandora)

Just played the first Levels, and its great, i like Yoshi..
Been playing a lot of Klax :) Klax is a cool puzzle game where there are colored tiles coming down

like a random guitar hero and to match 3 or more colors in any direction to clear them. What I like most

about it is that each tile has a different sound so when there are a lot of them its like playing a beat :p
^ It is the 2010s, and there is time for Klax. :p
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Liquid Wars 5 on Pandora

Grim Fandango.. Residual on Pandora

Paper wars... on Pandora..

AudioSurf and Echos on the Zune HD (yes I said Zune HD)

and finally Metro 2033 on .... (Onlive Cloud gaming system)