What are you playing this weekend/these days?

I used my PS Vita for a long time but never got the game there. It's supposed to be one of the best games on the Vita. It was a port of the PS2 game.
So I don't know how great both games are on the Switch. But I assume Persona 5 is great to. Limited Run had P4 but I was too late, so waiting for it's release now where I might get a copy. And P5 will be on my list if I really enjoy P4.
Got P5, when it was 50% in the eShop.
@TeDaDeS Same for me, but in this case I was really unsure, if I would like it. Plus, I wouldn't know where to get a physical 60 EUR game for 30. And even at 30 I thought twice. But captivating and entertainingly timeconsuming as it is, it was worth it.
More Happy Sandwich Cafe. Here's my most recent progress, I've got the spice rack item so I can combine existing seasonings to make new ones, I can now make four layer sandwiches, I'm one step closer to finding the missing dog, and I can now make sandwiches with cheese as a component.
MASS EFFECT: Andromeda

I think I surpassed half of the game, and still enjoying it.

I'm not sure if the game is "a canon spin-off" of the previous trilogy or if it's just a "reboot" of the serie... because, while it is located in another galaxy 600 years later, it shares exactly the same history and also some "vague" facts that happened in MASS EFFECT 1 ...
Like the previous games, it has a CODEX, a little encyclopedia with the history and people in the game, but it is centered on Andromeda, without information about the original galaxy from where the colonists came, so i think it is better to at least play ME1 before this, just to know why some races hates each others and what characteristics they have. (But anyway playing the entire original trilogy will unveil even more unknown facts about those races... and personally I'm happy to had that knowledge before starting this game.)

The narration is different from the first trilogy and maybe it is a little less catchy, somehow less cinematic... there is a new galactic threat, some new races and some new ancient civilization, but in the end this is how the first MASS EFFECT game should have been !!

Open World with actual planet exploration !! Free roaming with and ATV that's super cool, a little climbing and an added jetpack, that can be used also to evade attacks and to attack from above !!
Good RPG system, a lot of upgrades and skills, a lot of upgradable weapons and a lot of mods for them.
The explorable planets are few, like 5, but are huge, full of missions and all different... also they change !!
Depending of your actions the surface and the contents of the planets could become different during time, and this lead to new quests added.
The graphic is really good, even if the planet details can destroy my PC if I surpass medium settings... I'm not sure how optimized the game engine is, it is smooth with my settings, but I hear the CPU/GPU fans asking for help most of the time.

The "choices" system of the game is completely different from the original trilogy... most of the time you can only choose in what "mood" speak the same sentence, and while I can see that these choices are recorded, I'm not sure how they actually changes things.

Anyway, there is only one thing that I don't like in this game... how the Asari race was designed... I mean, this is a really huge bad stuff...
all the other races are somehow the same as in the original trilogy, but every time I look at an Asari in this game it feels so unnatural that I have the sensation of looking at a cosplaying terran...

I hope to find a working MOD to correct this thing, because it is something required for people used to the original trilogy.
Did use the Saturday for a bit Garden Gaming:
A few Retro Collections via the Emulators in RetroBat on Win Mini (These Collections are themselves just roms + an official emulator), so i did Emulate a Rom which did contain an emulator .., a bit Darksiders because some of there Characters are also part of the Marvel vs Capcom Games
And then i did decide to test a bit the 3D Display of my New 3DSXL where i did not put an CFW on in the End but did move my Data back on ..
This 3D Street Fighter Game looks quite cool whit activated 3D Dial, i did use the Side View, not this Over the Shoulder View ..
Shure the Grapics on the Win Mini Version of Ultra Street Fighter 5 (or4?) are much better as its 1080p HD, but the 3D Version is allready quite nice..
Also did try to beat Wario Ware Gold, but this needs much more grinding as you use the Coins for Continues..
Wario Ware is cool. Party games ftw.

I’m playing Rare games, Goldeneye 007 currently and I have Banjo Kazooi / Tootie and Conker’s bad fur day lined up. All N64.
I think they did use Wario Ware Gold to practice coding a game whit speaking characters for the later released Zelda Switch Games,
The Characters are speaking German in every cutscene or comment if you win or fail in the Micro Games.. on Switch i dont remember there was a Wario Ware Game..
Recently finished Fallout 2 (un-modded) on my phone thanks to the Fallout2-CE port

It fixes some of the first game most glaring issues (but not all of them) and is much more vast and rich. This comes with some drawbacks as the experience is a bit more watered down and it really shows that different people took care of different locations. The conversation styles and the dialog options for your character are quite different from one place to another and many other details that lack consistency.

I didn't have as much fun as I expected but that's probably because I still remembered the best parts so I didn't have the joy of discovery (which is a big part of the experience)
A new Ashes episode is out: Hard Reset! Boy am I pumped for this

Edit 2024-06-23: And finished it. Almost all new locations. Only a few sections of know territory, which was a nice throwback. Less secrets this time, but hidden better IMO. I only found a quarter of them. Once again weapon upgrades, different ones this time around. A few of the weapons have been changed, there's alternative ammo for some, one is modular and a few were swapped for entirely new ones. Neat! There's a good amount of voice acting. It is a bit amateurish, but nice to have. Like with the surroundings and weapons, the music tracks are a bunch of old, new and remixed tracks. Challenge was nice with - you guessed it - new and returning enemies. The final boss fight was a bit of a challenge at first, I died 7 or 8 times.

Another great episode, still free, and highly recommended.
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The Demo of Heavy Cargo on GPD Win Mini, did run good whit 18 TDP
there are quite some bugs still, but i did finished the Tutorial Mission..

Also did start yesterday Saints Row 4 Re Elected from GOG on Win Mini, unfortunally its needs some Online DRM via the Epic Store, but well, at least it works also good on the Win Mini ..
bevor they made the Reboot which i did not play much on the Xbox, this was the last Game from the Old Saints Row Series, its lots of fun whit these Super Powers and over the top humor, but also lots of grinding as you have to gather these Orbs in the town to level up your Super Powers ..
Did not play that much, im now in the City Simulation at the start, and did gather allready a few Orbs
Did fire up RetroBat yesterday on Win Mini did test the NeoGeo Emulator, works as expectet, but end up on some rounds of Soul Calibur 6 (Steam), this Game was meant to run not that good on this thing but i get mostly 60 fps .. i did test play a few Fighting Styles in the Charakter Editor, SC is a bit slower in Gameplay than other Beat em Up Games , but i did lost a lot of hours back then on the PSP Version ^^ , its nice that you can have at least all Soul Calibur Games from PS1, Dreamcast, PS2, PSP and Gamecube, as well as the Newest Part on this Handheld ..