What Happened To Vobbo?

No one said you had to marry her...

Just inseminate her 4 or 5 times and make sure she wears the correct bra.

I had two kids with my lady before I got around to marrying her - kept thinking we'd marry when we were financially stable. Hah! So I proposed while I was out of work for two months - she took me! And then immediately after that our fincances got on track and we've been fine ever since.

Go figure.

GP2X Thumbstick
Vobbo may be gone but I am here. Shipping to Europe scares me - who can fix a GP2X? What is the cost of shipping? Etcetera.
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daclassicgamingmaster said:
Thanks for bumping this to tell us you laughed out loud.
Gee, Classic. You're still Classic.

But speaking of bumps... I'm still looking for a joystick fix solution. So far grahf's been the only bloke nice enough to even broach the subject.
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Why don't you ask DaveC on how to actually install one of these dpad kits yourself. Or maybe, ask him where to get the parts from and then get someone you know with a little technical knowledge to fix it up for you?

Also: Open a new thread specifically addressing your problem in the general gp2x section. It's certainly going to get more attention than this thread!