What have you bought recently?

Mine are both Lodge. The inner surfaces have a really rough texture, so probably not that great, but they are affordable here. I have seen MUCH more expensive fancy ones, and some in antique shops, that are smooth inside. I would guess that helps prevent stuff from sticking. Sometimes I have major sticking, which I blame on user error, and some things just seem like they are going to stick no matter what. You don't want to do anything that will break down the built up coating/seasoning (they come preseasoned). I did something at some point to make a section of one of mine lose it. It was easy to fix, and isn't a problem, it just looks different than the rest of it. I like being able to use metal things in them without destroying the pan. My guess is that some of the reviews are user error, although some are definitely higher quality than others. If you are considering getting some, either try someone else's out if they will let you (not sure if that is a weird request) or just go with a cheaper one and give it a shot. If you like the results and want something better than a cheap one you can get it later without sinking a lot of money in it only to find you want use the $100 pan you bought. You can always give it away or sell it, so I guess investing in something better or more expensive initially wouldn't be a total loss. I don't feel the need to pay a premium, but I do check out old/used ones when I come across them. I am considering getting a smaller Lodge one since the ones I have are on the large side. Oh, yeah, watch your hand, as the handle can get hot. And they need to be preheated which takes a few minutes (that is why no one else wants to use them). Oh, and don't just throw them on an electric burner maxed out (but who does that other than confused people that refuse to listen when you tell them higher heat doesn't cook faster, it just burns stuff, then they proceed to burn onions almost every time they cook...), as I heard that can warp them or something, so heat them gradually. I don't think gas or other actual flames will have that problem...and it could all be bad info, and not a problem at all.

In addition to a set of the more common style (Teflon?) nonstick pots and pans (actually, I think concern over that coating might have been a factor for why I got the cast iron ones) we have one of those copper enamel ones that are highly advertised here. That started out okay, but eventually it got scratched out something, as there is a small area where stuff started to stick. Although I don't use that one, I think some things still kinda stick, counter to what the ads claim. It has a riveted on handle and can be used in an oven if the rivets won't be a problem.

I also have a canteen cup thingy that fits on the bottom of a Nalgene bottle. I have used actual canteen cups for a long time for various things, but no actual coming that I can recall. I really want to try cooking in it, maybe over a campfire.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled consumerism thread.

Edit: Eeek! Sorry about that babbling wall of text.
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I like the idea of macrons being meringue poops. I hereby suggest we should officially rename them as such.

"Mmm, Maria I love what you've done with those meringue poops all over that cake"
I like the idea of macrons being meringue poops. I hereby suggest we should officially rename them as such.

"Mmm, Maria I love what you've done with those meringue poops all over that cake"
aw man, i should've tried to make that a thing... if i ever get around to start a food blog, i'll push the meringue poop (not literally)! :D
Got a pair of sugar gliders, outta my budget but so cool!


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got my replacement book for the one that came all moldy. o_O

It's actually a really good book. Also the author in the beginning says point blank. These are mere ideas or suggestions, take what you wish from it, and make it your own!

I knew instantly it was going to be a good one and by Jove it was. This figure drawing book is becoming invaluable.:confused:
Don't they need a really dark environment for those eyes?
Yeah, they're nocturnal but my little boy is less sensitive than the girl and climbs all over me regardless of lighting... but I keep the room they're in quite dark. Plus, I'm a night owl anyways :D
Since I'm whistling quite a lot these days anywhere I go and where I can't/won't take my larger instruments with me, I finally got two proper ones for G-minor and c-minor which I wanted to use on the session yesterday but unfortunately arrived late, fortunately they are quite awesome and have better chromatic capabilities than most of my other ones:

My collection so far:
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An adjustable power supply unit. After years of using my DIY 5A one (made from well known "Electronics lab" design) with small voltage instabilities, I decided to just buy some used one, anything cheap.
I found something really cheap, unfortunately quite old - early 1970s. After cleaning, its fan stopped being too noisy and voltages, even under load, are good, what is surprising as its capacitors are from 1973. The bad thing - it is really heavy, and the only "modern" parts are 2N3055 - the rest of technology is germanium. Inside (a few photos) there are things like part of regulator enclosed in thermostat.
@PCXT Fascinating read! I love seeing old technology. funny how it seems many of the older things just seem to last and keep on ticking. Im going to browse your site because it perked up my ears.:p
bought a new cake pan (anodized aluminum) with a normal bottom and one for angel food cake/chiffon cake :3 now i'm planning on getting a yoga mat because of all that cake i'll be eating :|

oh, and i made a cheesecake in the old pan and yay, it stuck to the bottom (there was a tiny gap between the parchment and the pan) :| plus, it collapsed a little when i opened the springform clasp :'( can't wait to make another one in the new pan...
Mario and Rabbits Kingdom Battle
(Pretty cool Strategie Game whit Mario Characters and the Rabbits from Rayman )

And Lego Worlds, a openworld Lego Sandbox in which you can build your own stuff or play around a lot


Both for Switch
Italian wine since I'm back, also kimbo coffee. Was hoping to have the Pyra for this trip, but the Pandora is working just fine and dandy
I mainly use mplayer with the --playlist option to play albums, since I've created m3u files for all of mine. CMus seems to be a popular way to play back music libraries from a terminal interface. I don't know of anything that exposes a web interface, but then I see that as a potential suite of security holes that need to be closed down, so I prefer not to open that up to begin with.

Edit: It seems cmus can be controlled over the LAN using a web interface too: https://github.com/cmus/cmus/wiki/remote-control
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Car speakers, wiring, cheap amp, wood to make a speaker box for the trunk, and a new radio unit for the dash. Putting a radio in my nephew's car but never dealt with early 80's Ford's . Wiring is s mess and the fuse box isn't being easily found. My uncle has purchased 200 worth of parts and I've dumped in another 200 as well from making my own mistakes. This kid better be happy when I'm done with it lmao. No more volunteering to help on ghetto vehicles where everything is Jerry-rigged to run.